Feb. 22nd, 2016

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This is Seanan McGuire's shorthand, and [livejournal.com profile] suricattus's extension, and it is wonderful.

I LOVE this shorthand. Thank you, Seanan McGuire, for suggesting such a great shorthand. Thank you, Laura Anne Gilman, for bringing it to our attention. I have been wrangling with how to start a tsunami for days.

This is perfect.

Just like the Fifteen Minute Best Friend when someone is being harassed in a bar. We can all offer some Leverage.

Originally posted by [livejournal.com profile] suricattus at We provide... Leverage. (a Convention Guest's Promise)
I will be a Guest at Anachrocon this weekend, and there’s something I want everyone there to know.

I may look about as tough as a toasted corn muffin, but I lived and worked in NYC for two decades. I take no shit, and I give no shits. If you are at the convention and feel unsafe or harassed, you can walk straight up to me, no matter who else I'm talking to, and tell me you need Leverage (term in this usage suggested by the awesome Seanan McGuire).

I will listen to you.
I will be your safe space.
I will walk you to the nearest security person you feel comfortable with, and stay with you until you're ok.
I will follow-up on what I know.

And if your harasser tries to interfere, I will, within the limits of our personal safety, be the blockade needed to get you to safety. And I will not hesitate to call down the rage of heaven (aka convention and hotel security) if I think it is warranted.

With luck and the better angels of human nature, this will never be needed, there or at any convention going forward. But if it is, you have Leverage.

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