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We've all seen them -- covers with poses that we suspect defy physical possibility. Well, Jim C. Hines has one of those covers on THE STEPSISTER SCHEME. He decided that investigation was in order -- and what better way to investigate than to pose for the covers himself? So he did, thanks to his giggling wife as photographer. And here are his results -- Women (yes, scads of these poses are painful and several impossible) and men (bare-chested manly men, but still in dominant positions over women.)

To add to the fun, you can also check out a post by a martial artist and contortionist who points out that even she cannot get into these poses, much less fight crime in them. And why would those awesome women even need such silly poses?

Finally, the talented folks who brought us Avatar, the Last Airbender (the anime, NOT the movie) purposely made the magic forms based on different real, graceful, powerful martial arts -- thus making the fight scenes even more awesome, because the things done are possible! So -- after seeing the contortionist do things that may give you nightmares, check out the Avatar short. Well worth the two minutes, if you like visualizing things like this. (Short link provided for those who fear the contortionist.)
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I've just finished watching the fifth diskette of the anime Mushi-Shi, and it almost breaks my heart that I'm reaching the end of it. I may rent it again because I didn't start watching the interviews until the third diskette, so I missed some, and I'm not sure if all the boxed sets have the interviews.

This is adult in the best sense of the word -- beautiful beyond words to describe, subtle, sticks with you, and I am sure can be watched many times from many different vantage points.

I have this sudden desire to show it to everyone I know or will ever meet, just to see how they respond to it.

To compare it to a book, the first thing that comes to mind is, this is how it would be if someone tried to make 1/2 hour anime out of the riddles in the RiddleMaster of Hed series. Does that make sense?

I've got to get my hands on this manga.
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Now, I've lasted through 167 or so episodes of this shonen anime (see other anime posts for definitions) and unless I've missed it, no one from the Soul Society has ever asked the question: "Why does Ichigo Kurosaki have not only measurable spirit energy, enough to fight with -- but possibly astronomical spirit energy, yet-to-be-tapped energy, the type a captain of the Thirteen court guards has?"

We know that Ichigo's mother saw ghosts. That's where the series starts. So far there is one other possible reason for Ichigo and his sisters' ability to sense and see spirits -- tossed into the mix at one point, and then walked away from. It's an entire, unmapped place in the story, with a couple of signposts. I won't be specific and give anything away. But you'd think at least one captain would have started doing some research on the situation, other than expressing mere irritation with Ichigo, or friendly tolerance since Ichigo is the kind of person who might end up being reborn as a Soul Reaper. Or you'd think that we would see them avoiding the subject -- because they already know why, and aren't sure how they feel about it. It may be something they've been forbidden to discuss. The rules of the Soul Society are occasionally obscure, and often unjust -- they may just be letting Ichigo flounder around to see what happens.

And what will happen to the family dynamics when this point is revealed?

Quite possibly this has been dealt with in the manga, which is further ahead, I believe. (It's so popular the anime has a sub-plot the manga doesn't, to give the manga artist time to catch up with the monster he's created!)

As a writer, I'd be seeding that in somewhere. But the fighting and swords are the main things some people watch, so the family history and dynamics -- and how it effects Ichigo -- may not interest the artist nearly as much as it does me.

I need to find a site with icons from anime, or a place to take a DVD snapshot and make my own....

April 29, 2010:

Having caught up with the manga (skipping the anime detour for right now) I can say that I have caught almost everything up until now, although I am not sure about the validity of some sub-points of information at this time. They come from an unreliable source. But still, the story continues to be entertaining, and I can see why it is holding the attention of the young men it's written for, as well as a few others of us who occasionally yell at the screen for something to happen and it doesn't. But women look at things differently, and each artist has a goal of their own.

I anticipated the surprise of a certain arrancar, although not as big of a surprise as it turned out to be.

Still a recommended series!
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Yes, I've done AggieCon, but people, you need to go to an anime convention to really get the feel of it. There's a lovely vibe to these conventions. Everybody seems quite tolerant of each other's preferred cosplay. None of that "SF vs. Fantasy" crap, at least around me. The only argument I saw the Sunday I attended was a player POed because someone showed up very late at a meeting site.

I met Misty Holder, a proud anime Mom planted in the downstairs trolling her Facebook while her fifteen year old daughter Haley and Haley's friend Kim had fun upstairs hanging with one of their cosplay gangs. Misty's mom Sherry was also there -- Sherry went upstairs with food a few times, to leave offerings near the players. They were all starving but refused to give up their seating area to search for fodder. Misty likes her daughter's cosplay friends -- she remembers sneaking into bars to dance when she was sixteen, and likes this a lot better.

People were patient with the elevators, and packing the dealers and artists rooms. Hope everyone made some money! Misty shared some Ikkicon pics -- I have posted them on my Facebook photo area. I have some great pics of a Lolita duo on my camera, and some grandmother pics of Sherry in her pinstriped shirt that looked like a mechanic's racing shirt, covered with ad patches. She could be the grandmother in my manga. Hope the pics come out, I will try download tomorrow when I can think. I'll post the Lolita ones if they come out and/or Misty sends her shots.

And now...time to nebulize the cat!
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Trot on over to the blog for Book view Cafe and read my latest anime review. I may make an e-book of these, for the discriminating anime viewer!
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No definition of the anime/manga series and plot of InuYasha -- you can find a zillion sites on the character and story. Just the movie, folks!
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And I check, and the anime series I want is now in one box for Season One, and the coupon brings it down to ~$36.00 for nine disks/39 episodes, a steal. Free shipping, but it will take two weeks or so, which is the swap for that free shipping biz.

I contemplate going to take it off my Amazon list, where it is in five parts+ and three times the price, and add the other if I can't bring myself to spend the money, and find that the nine disk set is also on Amazon now, and its current price is $41.99. Free shipping. I do Amazon -- not constantly, but I do buy from them every few months, and not just books. Jazz CDs are big right now. Borders, I buy from locally -- when I can. They usually don't have the anime I want, and lately they haven't had the books I want.

So...don't want Borders to go under, buy from Borders? Wait and get later -- but Amazon may have dropped the price to compete with a big Borders coupon that did not exclude anime, and the price may pop back up in the $60+ range. Amazon shipping has been reliable....

I need to work...the coupon is good through tomorrow....

*Sigh.* Decisions.
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It really is like an anime, with all the tropes of the genre. Read my pitch for the live action movie Kamikaze Girls over at the BVC blog.

One thing I forgot to mention -- the movie is Japanese with subtitles, but the package is good enough that I was not bothered by the lack of English.
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I've been doing them weekly, as long as I have new ones to report on.
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Fuu has won me over -- the craps scene was priceless, and the animation is striking.

FIFTY-FIVE DISCS OF INUYASHA?! In the states, we call that a blockbuster.

I've ordered 10. Otherwise, it would take the rest of my year (well, maybe not that much, but a lot.)

I confess to watching FRUITS BASKET again. It contains just about every trope there is, especially for a girl fantasy, with male characters that will rope guys in. Thoughtful, funny and tragic by turns. I sense some writings on anime looming...but they are more about the genre, using stories as examples. So they will take a while to craft.

It's all [ profile] sparkylibrarian's fault....

Weekend count -- four more boxes, found rest of bathroom stuff, which includes the manicure kit, phew! I was getting desperate, and those things are expensive. I need to carve out a large swath here so my cat sitter will be comfortable. Part of this is so she doesn't have to look at any boxes -- at least only ones she's not responsible for!
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I can pass on the offer, if so. Overall, I've been pleased with it. I get one a day, the next following after they receive the first, and that works out to an average of 15 a month, costing around .72 a DVD. Since I am researching a lot of anime, the price is right!
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to anime opening and closing credit pictures and music.

You might figure out your favorite character in that series is gonna bite it somewhere down the line.


This is why **I** like to do the storytelling. I can pick my own time and place to cry over characters, as opposed to having it sprung on me. I still haven't forgiven J. Michael Straczynski for killing off my favorite character, even if s/he does get resurrected in the next few hundred years.

(This post has attempted to be Spoiler-Free.)
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Naruto just gets sillier. This is W's popcorn amusement -- the 5 minutes of new material each time drives me nuts. Lost track of the new Inuyasha episodes.

First disk of Princess Tutu completed. This is beautiful art, and strange storytelling. I'd love to be watching this with a child, to see what kids get from it. Only annoying thing is the current preference for having characters drop into really embarrassing behavior by flattening and rounding out with XXX eyes and screeching. I find it a short cut to get the gag, as opposed to "Dave the Barbarian" when the physical humor changes each time to reflect the actual situation.

This a a dark tale, and therefore closer to true fairytales than most.

So -- are fairytales the fantasy genre of hundreds of years ago? They mean one thing to children, and another to adults who are also listening, at end of day?
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Here's a video of images from Princess Tutu, about a duck who dreams of becoming a girl, and then morphs into a magical dancing princess. That's just a garbled guess from a clip found on Will Shetterly's blog, but looks like fun to me. (He claims it's about the power of Story, not Ballet -- which he hasn't much use for.) The music is a Swedish group, and not soundtrack from the show. I think I need to find the group -- good stuff.

I've really been trying to resist Netflix. I have enough distractions in my life...

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