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(Since this won't be there forever, I will put for my records that Kindred Rites in #1 and Night Calls #19 on the Amazon Best Sellers in Children's Coming of Age Fantasy Books. And Spiral Path is #23.)
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Over at Mary Robinette Kowal's web site, she runs a (usually) weekly feature called My Favorite Bit. Authors drop by and talk about their new books. The point is, what do you absolutely adore about the book? What's the part that makes you all "look at this awesome thing here!" It may be a scene, or something that had to be cut, or even world building, the scaffolding behind the curtain.

So I told her about the part of Spiral Path where I thought everything changed.

What happens when your life changes in the course of a single night? When the world splits open and reveals something so dangerous, that the people who love you immediately take action to protect you from it?

This is where Spiral Path, the third book in the Night Calls saga, begins. Thirteen year old Alfreda Sorensson lives in an alternative pioneer America right on the cusp of the War of 1812. There are strong practitioners—magic users who are also gifted with knowledge of herbs and healing—who protect the communities out in the territories. An old soul, Allie has bloomed into a potential power, and that is attracting people—and entities—who would like to use her. Although she has learned the first notes of her family’s dark legacy, Wild Magic, she knows no ritual magic.

Ritual magic may be the key to her survival.
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So--while I attempted to sleep the proverbial sleep of the just, Night Calls climbed to #20 on the Amazon Dark Fantasy Paid Top 100 list. I'm on the same page as Ilona Andrews. ((00)) {Those are my eyes...} It's reached #26 on the Children's/Teen Fantasy & Magic/Sword & Sorcery list. This is what it is supposed to mean:

"The Amazon Best Sellers calculation is based on sales and is updated hourly to reflect recent and historical sales of every item sold on

While the Amazon Best Sellers list is a good indicator of how well a product is selling overall, it doesn't always indicate how well an item is selling among other similar items. Category and subcategory best seller lists were created to highlight an item's rank in the categories or subcategories where it really stands out.

We choose a few of the most popular subcategories in which the item has a high ranking in relation to other items in that subcategory, and showcase the item's rank on the product page. As with the main Amazon Best Sellers list, these category rankings are based on sales and are updated hourly."

In reality, I've sold about enough books to pay my gas bill. I have no idea how fast they update the sales reports.

So I am looking at this as a way to put the book before a legion of potential new readers who will love to read about Alfreda. It's the only way to look at things right now.

Thank you, everyone who has bought a copy for their reader, who has told friends about the book, who has added a review at or Barnes & You have participated in this effort to get Alfreda the fans that she deserves, and keep me out from under a bridge. Your doing this is what can make the magic happen.

You are all awesome.

And now, I have to explain to the person designing the template for the print version of Night Calls what I want.
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Kimbriel-NightCalls300x200It's been fifteen years since Night Calls was available.

I've been fighting illness for fifteen years, too. I've spent my life savings...saving my life. I still cannot not work at an office job. But I can edit up a storm, and I have an Allie book to finish. That is the reason I kept going.

Today we find out how high Allie is going to soar.

This is the series of my heart, the adventures of Alfreda Sorensson. Allie is back! Night Calls is now LIVE in ebook format: You can find her at, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, iTunes/iBook, and always at Book View Cafe. Print on Demand paper versions from Create Space will follow soon. Kindred Rites appears in January, 2014, and Universe willing, the third book comes out in 2014.

Can you help me spread the word? We are already live at Book View Cafe--
Blurb & Review Quotes )
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I was looking for the name of the reviewer from Locus who did the review for Night Calls, B&N liking that info. Locus actually lists reviews back into the early 80s, although I have not found any links to the actual reviews. I got the name--but I found out that Locus also reviewed Hidden Fires and Kindred Rites, which I never knew. It got two reviews for Fires--one clearly did not like what I did with the book, and one liked it. Of course I used the second. But for some reason, the reviewer who disliked Fires reviewed Hidden, Night Calls & Kindred.

If you kept back issue Locus for Jan 1998 or Feb 1991, let me know if the reviews for my books were any good. I could use them, if they were!
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And it appears that Amazon has taken away the tags, which was SOMETHING for search. Dear Author points out that readers, retailers and publishers no longer speak the same language.
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ME: Merlyn, what are you doing over there?
MERLYN: It's complicated.
ME: Is it? Care to enlighten me?
(Every parent, and everyone who shares a life with a cat or dog, knows that this is trouble.)
More cat reasoning. )
Happy Holy Days, Y'all.
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EDIT: This contest is now over, but I do occasionally participate in contests, so keep an eye out for more fun!

My joy is to write fiction, especially fantasy and science fiction, filled with new worlds, new technology and magic, mystery, and even a touch of romance. I love interesting characters doing interesting things. I want people to be able to escape into my worlds.

Right now, for so many, many reasons, we all need to escape. So several of my friends and I have decided to share gifts with you -- gifts of escape.

All the various eReaders -- Kindle, NOOK, etc. -- are hardware platforms. The format is generally EPUB or MOBI. NOOKs, for example, take EPUB, and Kindles MOBI. (Although *cough* DRM-free EPUB files can readily be converted to MOBI for the Kindle. We're all about choice!)

You see a lot of promotions, but friends tell me that not enough of them are for NOOKs. Today, we remedy that. Until December 31st, we're offering a meme game to those who would like a little bit of fun -- and to earn free EPUB (the Nook format) books for playing.
Win eBooks by me, Jeff Carver, Vonda McIntyre & Jen Stevenson, just for starters! )
We believe that if we want a thriving book community, we need lots of options. We need print, we need ebook, we need CHOICE. So that's why we are doing this. We support choice! We support DRM-Free places like Book View Cafe, where you can go buy EPUB, or MOBI, or even on occasion other formats like PDF. If you go looking, you'll find lots of new choices. Go check out if you don't believe me.

Be an explorer. Show us your NOOK!

Obligatory disclaimer: Copyright to these free books is retained by the authors. You may share this post in its entirety. All pictures must be posted by 11:59 PM, December 31, 2012, CST. If anyone posts any of these EPUBs to a torrent site, the portal closes and we won't have any more games. This is a gift to you, not an invitation to set the book free forever. If you post a picture that would be considered in bad taste, it will be deleted and you won't get a coupon code. Thank you for keeping things fun!

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For writers, for readers, for family and friends of writers, this list will have you smiling, laughing, and thinking up the best gifts for the writers whose works you love. (And for those writers whom you adore but you aren't their book audience.)

Lydia Netzer IS a tad obsessed with tigers, but go with it
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For those of you not doing Facebook (or Facebook folk on late shift) here's a link.

Writer Deborah J. Ross did an in-depth review of my Nuala series, and also a short interview. You'll find it over on her blogspot.

Happy dance!
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People don't review as often on Barnes & Noble. (Since I've had one taken down for who-knows-what reason, I haven't been adding reviews there, either.)

At least the Nuala books each have one review. Kindred Rites doesn't have any at all!

Since Amazon is being nasty to their distributors, I am trying to boost reviews on other sites.

But now, back to packing.
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Well, of course writers try to figure out ways to draw people's attention to their work. Reviews help the most, but there are other things. One thing people can use at is clicking on the tag trees at the bottom of pages, leading off to other books in a topic/subheading. This can take you to something as nebulous as "science fiction" and as specific as "lost colony" or "Liaden Universe."

Whenever you visit a page of a book you like? Take a look and see if there are tags for the book. If so, click on the ones you agree with, and add any you think should be there -- I think we're allowed 15 per book. If not, start some tags for it!

It's a small thing, but it can be a tiny help for a book you like. And unlike reviewing, you don't have to focus your mind for it. (In fact, you can even "Like" books now -- Facebook strikes!)

If you feel like tagging, start with mine and move out through the other suggested books on the page. You'll hit a lot of good books, many of which you'll have read! ;^)

Fire Sanctuary

Fires of Nuala

Hidden Fires

Night Calls

Kindred Rites

Wings of Morning

Oh -- While retrieving these links, I noticed that Pam and Jennifer each reviewed Kindred Rites and Night Calls. Short and enticing -- thank you both! When I go to try and sell Spirit Tracks, how many reviews these books have may help (or hurt. Again -- who knows? Rumor has it that once you've rolled over to 20+ reviews, your book shows up more often in "suggested" lists.)
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Let's be honest, here, Today Show. You've done this for ten years -- it's not like you don't know when these awards are given out. You just figured Snooki's numbers looked better.
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Book View Café Announces New eBook Titles for November 2010

Four new ebooks will debut at Book View Café this month. Two are backlist fiction (GALVESTON by P.G. Nagle and HIDDEN FIRES by Katharine Eliska Kimbriel), one is original fiction (THE HANDS OF GOD by Gerald M. Weinberg), and one is original non-fiction (the long-awaited WRITING HORSES by Judith Tarr). The books range in price from $2.99 to $4.99 for DRM-free ebooks. Full details at

You can get Judith Tarr's horse book right now, I think -- wonderful stuff, if you're going to write horses, you need this eBook! Mine should be available December 1-2. Pati and Jerry's books are historical fiction and science fiction, respectively.

Yes! We have formats that work on Kindles, and all other major e-readers -- including the free Adobe Reader!

And now, I am freezing, and must see if the oil heater has the bathroom ready for a shower. Season change finally arrived!
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If you missed writer Margaret H. Bonham's essays on book promotion, take a look, you'll learn something:

Book Signings -- Separating Fact from Fiction --

Book Promotion 101 -- Part 1 -- Are You Wasting Your Time and Money with Useless Promotions --

Book Promotion 101 -- Part 2 -- 5 Useful and Inexpensive Things You Can Do to Promote Your Books --

Get Those Running Shoes on -- Why New Authors Need to Do Their Own Book Promotions

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