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Tonight at midnight is when the contest ends. You can enter here, at the Book View Cafe site, or with any other member of BVC who has blog access and is running the author promotion.

More info and a list of participating blogs here.

For folks who don't have Fires of Nuala yet, the discount coupon is good through Sunday, June 10th. BVC is still DRM-Free, as always.

(Scanning skies looking for rainclouds...)
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I've enjoyed previous contemporary romances Pat Rice has written, like California Girl. Here's her latest ebook release. It's time to head for the country --

Ex-country musician Flynn Clinton retires from the road for the challenge of raising his two boys in his old hometown, but the talented, sexy waitress who thinks she runs his new coffee shop has the means to carve what remains of his future into coffee grounds unless he finds some way of offering her the career he’s given up.

As always, I bring samples for everyone!

Priced at just $4.99
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Everyone, Writer Linda Nagata has a new anthology out, Goddesses and Other Stories, containing ten stories including her Nebula winner, "Goddesses." This is Linda's first collection, and it pulls together stories that were originally published in Analog Science Fiction & Fact, The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, More Amazing Stories, and

You can sample her writing by reading one of the stories, "Spectral Expectations."

So if you like to carry short story collections for those times when you're waiting for something, this collection is only $3.95 and available in EPUB and MOBI. Go get yourself a pocketful of new ideas!

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The super talented, very sharp and funny Brenda Clough has not one but TWO books out in trade paperback from Foxacre Press, The Crystal Crown and The Dragon of Mishbil. You can get the ebook versions at Book View Cafe! The BVC link will take you to Foxacre and samples of the books.

It's a good time to run...

The Crystal Crown

A Crown with a Mind of its Own...

Liras-ven unexpectedly inherits the Crystal Crown, a war, and a royal bride-to-be he can’t speak with. Then he finds out the Crystal Crown can speak, and it can kill him if it decides he shouldn’t be king! No wonder he decides to make a run for it....

Living in the shadow of a very different dragon

The Dragon of Mishbil

Who Dares to Tame the Dragon?

The River Bilcad is called a dragon, for without its complex network of canals, it can destroy the city of Mishbil. Princess Zaryas, youthful viceroy of the city, learns that movements in the earth have rendered the canals useless. Mishbil will die of thirst. Brash young Magus Xerlanthor wants to use muscle and magic to dam the river and refill the canals... and to win Zaryas’ heart. Zayras must bet everything, not knowing if her choices will lead to a double triumph — or a double disaster.
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Hey, in the mood for a new SF novel? Have you tried the work of Linda Nagata yet? She won the Locus Award for best first novel with The Bohr Maker, and her novella "Goddesses" was the first online publication to win a Nebula Award. So -- good stuff is promised! Here's what Limit of Vision is about:

"LOVs" are a tiny artificial lifeform containing bioengineered human neurons. Three young scientists illegally use implanted LOVs to enhance their cognitive abilities--but when the experiment goes wrong, the consequences are bizarre and unforeseeable. A space station module containing the last remnants of the LOVs crashes to Earth in the Mekong Delta, and the sole surviving scientist, Virgil Copeland, finds himself in a race to recover them--and avoid arrest. He meets Ela Suvanatat, an independent journalist infected by LOVs when she arrived first at the crash site. Together, they will ride the whirlwind of a runaway biotechnology leading to the next phase of human evolution.

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A few of them are more traditional; the others are very different books indeed -- but all have an important romance in them. Romance lovers, take a look.
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Ha! For once I am ahead of the game -- I've read this one, and I enjoyed it. This is "Georgette Heyer Lite" writing, a sweet Regency from early in the career of writer Madeleine Robins. You can enjoy her fine hand at characterization and word choice without the darkness of her great Regency Noir books about Sarah Tolerance, Agent of Inquiry.

Currently available only at Book View Cafe, My Dear Jenny tells about one of those sisters who slips through the cracks -- the ones without a decent dowry, whose parents decide up front that they will be the spinster aunt forever taking care of someone else's children. Our heroine doesn't even have her own sister looking out for her, a large hole in what her family situation might be. She is content living with an aunt and her brood, and has several good friends, one of whom married well and asks her to London to help support HER sister who is getting married in a whirl.

However, nothing ends up the way it starts out, from Jenny getting stuck for weeks behind a quarantine in an inn to her becoming an impromptu shepherdess for a naive young woman who nearly ran away with a fortune-hunting rake. Before it is over, her own unwieldy name has been shortened to "Jenny," she's been invited as a house guest among the rich and famous, and her backup in this adventure turns out to be a retired military nabob and his nephew.

Does Jenny get her own happily-ever-after? You'll have to read it to find out! At $3.99 it will be excellent beach reading! Here's a sample.
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My UK readers now have another option for my e-books -- Wizard's Tower Bookstore. The owner has gone on vacation, but more books will be forthcoming once she gets back. Thanks to Chris Dolley at Book View Cafe for making this possible for BVC members!
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I was going to wait until I read this to mention it, but you must believe me -- if you haven't read anything by Chris Dolley, you need to do so immediately! Here's the latest author blurb from this funny, multi-talented man:

Chris Dolley has been a computer consultant, a pioneer computer games designer, an amateur detective and once, as a teenager, freed a small country. Now he lives with his wife and a large collection of animals on a farm they renovated in the Normandy-Maine Regional Park.

How can you not be curious about Chris Dolley's work? This is the author of the SF novel Shift, of the autobiographical amateur detective story French Fried, of the pictorial International Kittens of Mystery! Medium Dead and What Ho, Automaton! are traveling with me on my laptop next week. I'll try anything Chris Dolley writes.

So, just to let you mystery readers know about his quirky little mystery debuting this month at Book View Cafe:

Peter Shand is the 'safe pair of hands' – a high-flying police administrator seconded to a quiet rural CID team to gain the operational experience he needs for promotion. On his second day he’s thrust into a high-profile murder case. A woman’s body is discovered in an old stone circle – with another woman buried alive beneath her.

The pressure on Shand is enormous. The case is baffling. There appears to be no link between the two crimes. The media is clamouring for answers. And Shand’s convinced his wife is having an affair with someone called Gabriel. Which just happens to be the name of the two chief suspects. Both are womanisers, and both produce a mystery woman - who sounds suspiciously like Shand’s wife - as their alibi, The pressure builds. Shand can’t sleep, a local journalist is out to discredit him, his wife is about to be dragged into the case and then, goaded at a press conference about lack of progress, he invents a lead. And keeps on lying – to the press, his boss, his team – telling himself that he'll solve the case before anyone finds out.

And then a second murder occurs. And had there been a third?

Shand begins to doubt his ability. He's desperate, increasingly unpredictable, pursued by an amorous psychic, and unjustly gaining a reputation for arresting livestock.

What's going to break first? The case, or Shand?

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Hey! More hard science fiction with lots of great characters coming your way!

Book View Café is welcoming newest member, Linda Nagata, today. She's the author of seven novels under her own name, including The Bohr Maker, winner of the Locus Award for best first novel, and the novella “Goddesses,” the first online publication to receive a Nebula award. Linda also writes under the name Trey Shiels.

To celebrate, Sue Lange is interviewing Linda at the Book View Café blog.

What's The Bohr Maker about? Well, here's the idea:

Nikko is the first true “post human”—a man genetically engineered to survive in the airless void of space—but the research permit that allows his existence is about to expire. His body has already begun an insidious, pre-programmed failure that will end in his death. Nikko’s only hope for survival rides on an illegal and extremely powerful nanotech device known as the Bohr Maker, that will allow him to rewrite his genetic code and extend his life.

And we're holding one of the world renowned BVC giveaways! Send in an email with “Linda Nagata ebook” in the subject line. We'll pick five winners at random and send each a free ecopy of The Bohr Maker. This is a one day only offer, so send an email to linda.nagata AT

Visit Linda’s website: and her blog:
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Many of you know that my choice, when I want a romance, is usually a Regency. Georgette Heyer's death was a great loss, and I would put up a shrine to Jane Austen if I had room in this place. Today I found out about Shannon Donnelly's work, and even better, she's joined Book View Cafe!

Reviewers praise her work as "simply superb," "wonderfully uplifting," and "beautifully written." She has a slew of awards and nominations for her writing, so for summer reading, you'll be in good hands. Shannon debuts with two novels for us, her RWA Golden Heart winner for Best Regency Romance, A Compromising Situation, and a Christmas heartwarmer called Under the Kissing Bough. (Kissing Bough was a finalist for the RITA, Best Regency Romance, the Beacon and the Golden Quill, and won the Laurel Wreath!)

(I actually listen to instrumental holiday music during the summer -- it makes me think it's cooler than it is. So I may not wait on that second book until the holidays!)

To read about Shannon, check out this link.

I'll report back on these after I read them, but as my reviewing is slower than my occasional reading, you might want to check them out before you hear back from me. They are an absolute steal at $2.99 each. As always, Book View Cafe books are DRM-Free. A Compromising Situation is available in your choice of EPUB (Sony, Kobo, Nook) and .mobi (Kindle) formats. Sample the book here.

Under the Kissing Bough is also DRM-free and also in EPUB and .mobi. I'll post a sample link as soon as I have a good one.
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Who spells her name the same way as I do, I might add. Take a look at this great e-book cover:

Here's the scoop! It's time for another great SF novel.

Polar City Blues (Science Fiction)
Katharine Kerr
June 14, 2011 $4.99 ISBN: 978 1 61138 063 7

An alien spy turns up dead in Hagar, capital city of The Republic, a pitiful handful of worlds stuck between the powerful Interstellar Confederation and the huge Coreward Alliance. Police Chief Al Bates needs to solve the murder fast before the political ramifications destabilize the precarious balance between the three. Unfortunately for him, the one person who can help him plays by her own rules: Bobbie Lacey, one of the infamous information brokers who exist on the margins of his authority.

Katharine Kerr spent her childhood in a Great Lakes industrial city and her adolescence in Southern California, whence she fled to the San Francisco Bay Area just in time to join a number of the Revolutions then in progress. After fleeing those in turn, she became a professional story-teller and an amateur skeptic, who regards all True Believers with a jaundiced eye, even those who true-believe in Science.
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Like your ghosts with humor? Here's a new contemporary fantasy/mystery that's right up your summer reading alley! Get those e-readers ready! There's even a sample -- you know how I insist on a sample to read. Here's the scoop.

We're skipping Chris's biography this time, since it's been here recently. Just trust me -- he's a very funny man. Check out his blog posts over at if you don't believe me. (But he's a bit behind on them -- it's haying season in France, and you know that saying about "Haying while the sun shines?" Yes, that one -- it's true. He'll be back when the hay field is cut!)

Medium Dead (Fantasy/Mystery)
Chris Dolley
June 7, 2011
$3.99 ebook
ISBN: 978 1 61138 074 3

Reluctant medium, Brenda Steele, is smart, funny and out of her depth. A Vigilante Demon called Brian wants her to find murdered spirits and help him track down their killers. But Brian doesn't just catch criminals. He has an impish sense of humour and likes to play with them first. And make the punishment fit the crime.

Along the way, Brenda discovers that Brian isn't as old, or as powerful, as he led her to believe. He might even be human. Whereas the murderer they're hunting, and the child he's holding prisoner, might not.

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I don't know how many of you clicked through when I posted the sampler link for Chaz Brenchley's first Ben Macallan book, Dead of Light, but the writing was phenomenal! I am going to jump into Dead of Light this summer, but this one is going on the list. The first is gritty, character and plot driven urban fantasy, the magic working well with the world created. I'm expecting more of the same!

Light Errant (Urban Fantasy)
Chaz Brenchley
May 24, 2011 $4.99 ebook (DRM-free)
ISBN: 978 1 61138 064 4

Ben's back—and this time he means business. Family business...

Benedict Macallan, wonder-worker malgré lui, has travelled the length and breadth of Europe since the events of Dead of Light, and still discovered no family like his own. Maybe Macallan blood really is a biological sport, a freak of evolution.

What Ben does discover is that he can't escape his birthright. He can run to the sun and hide among strangers, but he can't hide his powers from himself. When a friend asks for help, he has to use them. With blood on his hands once more, it's farewell la dolce vita; he gets on his bike and goes home.

Home is no sweeter than it was before, but it has changed. His gangster relatives have lost control somehow, of themselves and their city. More than one evil is at work here now, and even Ben's unique talents may not be enough to save the one he loves.

If he can only work out who that is...

Read a sample

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Pati Nagle has a new e-book out, and the hero is a feline with opposable thumbs and the ability to talk. It's SF, of course, and talk about a dangerous and sneaky gumpaw detective! And the love interest is a Burmese -- Merlyn is excited about this story! I'll definitely put this one on my list.

EDIT: A sample from the book!

Here's the scoop (no pun intended...):

Book View Café Releases Pati Nagle's PET NOIR

Pet Noir (Fun SF/Mystery)
Pati Nagle
May 10, 2011
$4.99 ebook
ISBN: 978 1 61138 063 7

Can a lowly gumpaw hope for love with a girl who rides in a jewel-encrusted carrier?

Feline investigator Leon, with opposable thumbs and the ability to talk, is possibly the most dangerous cat in the galaxy. Indentured to the Security department of Gamma Station until the cost of his creation is paid off, Leon alternates between harassing his human partner/roommate Devin and fighting sleazoid criminals, yet still finds time to flirt with the lovely Leila, an exotic Burmese who lives in the swankiest level of the station. Will he win her heart, and more important—will he win his freedom?

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Well, I'm a big Jane Austen and Georgette Heyer fan, so I'm looking forward to this one!

ALTHEA (Historical Romance) $3.99 ebook
Madeleine Robins
April 19, 2011
ISBN: 978 1 61138 050 7

The dazzling whirl of London society delighted Althea Ervine. Having spent all her young life in the country, she was more than ready for the excitement of the city—and for the ardent attention of Edward Pendarly. Why did Sir Tracy Calendar hint that there was something wrong? Then she learned the shocking truth about Edward—and something more shocking about Sir Tracy....

A lifelong and passionate fan of cities and all things urban, Madeleine Robins now lives in San Francisco with her family, dog, and one hegemonic lemon tree. Her work includes the New York Times Notable Book The Stone War; Point of Honour and Petty Treason, the first in the Sarah Tolerance mysteries; Daredevil: The Cutting Edge; and five historical romances set in the English Regency.

Madeleine Robins is one of the funniest and most interesting people I've met through Book View Cafe, so this is definitely on my list! There's a sample of the book at that link -- you can also check out her blog, or the BVC blog, for some of her interesting and often humorous observations about life.
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There's always an eleventh hour edit with an e-book! But I sent it off, and I think the book will be available at Book View Cafe Tuesday the 29th! (I have no idea what that will work out to be with the other side of the world, but as soon as the server releases it, we're in business!)
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There's a sample of a brand new urban fantasy up over at Book View Cafe today. It's called IMMORTAL by Pati Nagle. It looks related to her ælven books, but it's definitely urban fantasy, and feels more paranormal romance or even YA/PR. I haven't read Pati's novels yet, but I've read several of her short works, steampunk and ælven, and she has a nice way with characters and world building. Pati gracefully slides hard questions into her tales. For example -- what kind of world do you have where vampires are first cousins to elves, and they are sworn enemies? Her elves are her own, and so are her vampires. So, take a look and see if it promises to go somewhere you'd like to check out! It takes place in New Mexico, too, so different cultures and scenery.

Also, Lori DeVoti's DEMON HIGH now has sample chapters up!

What do you do if the most gorgeous guy you’ve ever seen walks up and asks for help?

Len Whiting is smitten from the minute she sees Caeran’s amazing eyes. She agrees to help him with research, and then to help him find a healer in rural New Mexico. Only then does she learn he’s immortal — an ælven — locked in an ancient struggle with a vampire who’s now got his sights set on Len.

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Whee! She gets us!

No, my story is not especially singled out. I'm just in lovely company.
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If you haven't read anything by Chaz Brenchley, a fantasy and horror writer who is also Daniel Fox, hie thee over to Book View Cafe before the site rolls over and read the sample from Dead of Light that's up. Riveting writing and character. I don't care for horror novels, but if I had $4.99 to spend on a book today, I'd get me a .pdf of this. It promises to be interesting.

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