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This is Seanan McGuire's shorthand, and [ profile] suricattus's extension, and it is wonderful.

I LOVE this shorthand. Thank you, Seanan McGuire, for suggesting such a great shorthand. Thank you, Laura Anne Gilman, for bringing it to our attention. I have been wrangling with how to start a tsunami for days.

This is perfect.

Just like the Fifteen Minute Best Friend when someone is being harassed in a bar. We can all offer some Leverage.

Originally posted by [ profile] suricattus at We provide... Leverage. (a Convention Guest's Promise)
I will be a Guest at Anachrocon this weekend, and there’s something I want everyone there to know.

I may look about as tough as a toasted corn muffin, but I lived and worked in NYC for two decades. I take no shit, and I give no shits. If you are at the convention and feel unsafe or harassed, you can walk straight up to me, no matter who else I'm talking to, and tell me you need Leverage (term in this usage suggested by the awesome Seanan McGuire).

I will listen to you.
I will be your safe space.
I will walk you to the nearest security person you feel comfortable with, and stay with you until you're ok.
I will follow-up on what I know.

And if your harasser tries to interfere, I will, within the limits of our personal safety, be the blockade needed to get you to safety. And I will not hesitate to call down the rage of heaven (aka convention and hotel security) if I think it is warranted.

With luck and the better angels of human nature, this will never be needed, there or at any convention going forward. But if it is, you have Leverage.
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Just to help people out with planning, here's my schedule for Friday and Saturday:


Fr1700D Alternate History
Fri 5:00 PM-6:00 PM Ballroom D
Antonelli, Brown*, Dimond, Kimbriel, Mills, Waldrop

Why is this genre so fascinating, and how does it relate to the rest of speculative fiction? What special challenges does it pose for the writer -- and reader?

Fr2030CC Reading
Fri 8:30 PM-9:00 PM Conference Center
Katharine Eliska Kimbriel

I can read from new Nuala or Night Calls short pieces.


Sa1000E Silkpunk: Asian themes and influences in SF/F

Sat 10:00 AM-11:00 AM Ballroom E
Chu, Kerr, Kimbriel, Landon, Liu*, Oliver

Exploring the use of Asian concepts and locations in the work of Guy Gavriel Kay, Neil Gaiman, and Ken Liu contextualized as just a few of many.

Sa1400DR Autographing

Sat 2:00 PM-3:00 PM Dealers' Room
Cardin, Cherry, Downum, Kimbriel, Mancusi, Stoddard

I will bring some books to Adventures in Crime & Space.

Sa1600D Speculative Fiction as a Mirror to Religion
Sat 4:00 PM-5:00 PM Ballroom D
Blaschke*, Cardin, Kimbriel, Marmell, Morrow, Swendson

Illuminating human institutions, belief systems, theology, and cosmology.
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After many years of carefully crafting my panel attendance on this blog, I am simply putting up the link to the programming by names. There is also a programming grid. Life, Interrupted has seen the mountaintop.

Yes, there will be some books in the dealer's room, if Adventures in Crime & Space wants to sell them. I will be there at least Friday and Saturday. Give me incentive to show up Sunday!

During the convention there will be a sale on-line of Fires of Nuala. This precedes a Bookbub ad next week. Get your ebook for .99!
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Repeating my schedule for ArmadilloCon 36.  I have a three hour final the night before, so I won't make any early events on Thursday.  But I'll definitely be there Friday night, and perhaps earlier.  Yes, I am moderating Elemental Magic and Sub-genres of Fantasy!

Fr2200F Do Werewolves Dream of Bloody Sheep
    Fri 10:00 PM-11:00 PM Room F
    de Orive*, Kimbriel, Oliver, Roberts, S. White
    What are the beginnings of werewolves in fiction? How have they changed over the years?

Sa1000D Elemental Magic
    Sat 10:00 AM-11:00 AM Room D

    Kimbriel*, Pedersen, Wells, Wilson
    What is elemental magic and which stories use it the best?

Sa1200SB Reading
    Sat Noon-1:00 PM Southpark B


Su1200E Sub-genres of Fantasy
    Sun Noon-1:00 PM Room E

   Kimbriel*, Benjamin, Eudaly, Marmell, Swendson, Thompson
    They are literally hundreds of sub-genres in fantasy. Here are some of the lesser known and why they are so good.

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ConDFW, Dallas (Addison) TX


PROGRAMMING 2 (Chinaberry)
Friday, 5pm:
Historical Warfare: Writing Realistic Combat
Panelists: Taylor Anderson, Adrian Simmons (M), J.
Kathleen Cheney, Martha Wells, Katharine Eliska Kimbriel

Friday, 6pm:
Katharine Eliska Kimbriel, Stephen Patrick



Saturday, 10am: E-Publishing and You
Thomas Knowles (M), Jeff Dawson, Katharine Eliska Kimbriel, KM Tolan

AUTOGRAPHS (Dealers Room)
Saturday, 4pm:
Martha Wells, Katharine Eliska Kimbriel, Lou Antonelli

Saturday, 5pm: Exploring the Trousers of History: Alternate History Explained

Panelists: Taylor Anderson, Chris Donahue (M), J. K
athleen Cheney, Katharine Eliska Kimbriel, KB Bogen

MAIN PROGRAMMING (Addison Lecture Hall)
Sunday, 11am: Alternate Worlds in Epic Fantasy
Taylor Anderson, Martha Wells, Katharine
Eliska Kimbriel, Ethan Nahte, Jeff Dawson
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If you have ever wondered where it started, there's a mini-LoneStarCon3 Yard Dog Press Road Show mp3 with Selina telling us the story.

I refuse to admit which laugh is mine. Dear heavens....
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I think I will still launch for Worldcon tomorrow, but medical this week has slowed down everything, and if my mailbox is full of client hysteria, I will be working into the wee hours and packing in the a.m.

So...seeing people tomorrow afternoon or evening, I hope?
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As it happens, my programming Fri-Sat-Sun is noonish.

So I am open to sharing meals with folks for late lunches and early evening dinners. I hope I get to at least see you all--this is a test convention for me, to see whether I can handle conventions anymore.
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WorldCon 2013

Friday 30th

12:00 p.m. — 1 hour
SFWA Table Minding in Dealer's Room
The SFWA table will be located at C-13, which it in the second bank of dealer’s tables on the left after you enter the dealer’s room (and is facing the entry).

1:00 p.m. — 1 hour
Autographing at SFWA table
Read more... )
Yes, this means I get to explore the Riverwalk, the Dealer's Room, sit with my feet up and visit with everyone I haven't seen for years. So, new friends and and old ones! I warn you--I am an introvert who likes people, so if you see me fading, it's all right to say, "Go take a break, we'll see you later!" Will be found around Bev Hale's table, too.
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Well, I used to prep a couple months in advance. But I didn't know I was going--and I am fluctuating a lot in size (too weird to explain...) so everything is either HUGE or a hair too small and Vintage.

I figure I need at least one sundress, one nice top and a new pair of athletic shoes for walking. I have a credit at InStep, so will go look for shoes there. The other stuff I need inexpensively.

Any Hill Country suggestions?
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I made a suggestion for a kaffeeklatch at LoneStarCon, now that I'm going, and also said I was available if they needed to tuck me into paneling. But haven't heard anything so far. So I may be found in the bar or at the SFWA table, and on the Yard Dog Press panel. Anything else is currently up for grabs.

If all goes well, I will have the Night Calls cover with me! Of course you will get to see it. But i may try to hold on and reveal at the convention. Even though it's less than three weeks from the planned launch date. (IEEEE!)
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I know that those who do not know me well may be surprised by this, but I am an introvert who has worked hard to have an extrovert shell to use interacting with the world. If you think about a lot of the things some people talk about on their blogs? You'll notice that I don't talk about those things at all. Issues, writing, things in the world that fascinate and frustrate me? I'm there. Occasional discouragement? Yup. Silliness? That's me.

I have always fought for others, and awkwardly for myself. SF conventions have always been a twilight zone for me, ever since I misunderstood a BNA at a major convention and found out that his kind gesture meant that he expected me to sleep with him. It has never been the safe place others alluded to. It was a place where I assumed I had to look out for myself, just as I did everywhere else in the world. [ profile] la_marquise_de_'s post "What safety means to me" strikes a powerful chord.

Starting today, we fight for others and ourselves. If you only follow one of these interesting links, please read the echo of Elise's post over on John's site. It talks about reporting sexual harassment when at a convention. Real reports are what counts, people. We can't clean up a problem if we don't report. And, BTW--if a male friend needs your support reporting a woman or man who is being aggressive? Support him. Same thing.

"Screw nice. I have a responsibility to the rest of my community, to not excuse it. To not allow it. If you’re out in public, there are expectations as to your behavior. Going forward, if someone behaves like a creeper, I’m calling them out as a creeper. Your physical existence entitles you to nothing other than your own existence. Do not presume." -- Laura Anne Gilman

Additional thanks to Kari, Laura Anne, Maria, Cherie, and Elise (quoted in full over on John's site.)

Thank you for having my back. Know that I have yours.
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What with moving, looking for a job and tight money, ConDFW is out of budget this year. Sadly, I must withdraw from the convention. About the only place I'm guaranteed to show up is ArmadilloCon, although I may be lured out for a good steampunk convention!

And now -- moving Merlyn to new quarters! He saw the cat carrier come out and hid, so we need to discuss this. He's been worried all week about things disappearing. Now, HE'S going to disappear!
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I've tweeted a bit, but have been either "a bit off" or working on a grant that must go through first draft by Sunday night. Octopodicon was wonderful, the friendliest convention ever -- such generous people with their time, talent and enthusiasm! Mel White and I are already working on a steampunk project for next year. Kudos to Noddy, Bev and the crew for a job well done! (And thanks to Morgen who came all that way to see me!) Highly recommended for all steampunk enthusiasts.

Speaking of projects -- it was bound to happen. Someone made a Weeping Angel From "Blink" and wandered around DragonCon with it. Very nice job, a costume's first duty being Effect.

And -- only, ONLY if you have seen the last episode from the Doctor Who 2012 Season Seven, and not before (Spoilers!) -- the missing scene from that last episode, "P.S."

Back to the grant research.... Oh, the headache. Is it too late for tea?
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Well, #$$^#! And #$%^^$#&&** don't bother counting placeholders because I'm just venting, not substituting.

Can I put everything in two grocery bags and a cleaning supply tote....
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Sigh. Life is too complicated.

I'm heading for OK soon, after I finish editing and printing a copy of a story to read, loading a flash drive and uploading to Drop Box, packing, assembling the rest of the food...I do not travel light!

And then there are things like three orders/financial things to attend to before leaving. Cat instructions. And hitting the storage shed, and Good Fellas....argh!

See you next week!
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I am busy building a couple of sample, portable Curiosity Cabinets...

Steampunk Convention
5-7, 2012. Oklahoma City, OK, USA. Magnuson
, 737 S. Meridian Ave Oklahoma City OK, 73108 USA. 405-942-8511.

Visiting Professor Katharine Eliska Kimbriel, of Lady X's Remarkable Unmentionables,
will be instructing all comers in the art of curiosity cabinets. Her schedule is as
follows: Saturday Corsets and Goggles 1:00 pm, Scriptorium - half hour Reading,
half hour book signing 3:00 pm, Designing a Curiosity Cabinet 4:00 pm.
Sunday Sunday Ooh, Shiny! 9:00 am, Required Steampunk Reading
11:00 am. She will be reading the short story "Abide With Me" from the
venerable steampunk collection The Shadow Conspiracy II.

Sadly, she will not be wearing steampunk clothing, or even her hats. It was a cabinet, or clothing. Not both....

In other news, it sprinkled today, and rumor has it rain will fall tomorrow! (We still are not bored with rain!)
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ArmadilloCon 34

Fr2100SB SF 101: A Reading List for a College Course
Fri 9:00 PM-10:00 PM Sabine
S. Allen, B. Frank*, K. Kimbriel, M. Trimm, S. Utley
Suppose you got to teach a cool class on science fiction as literature. What important works do you think students should read and like?

Fr2200T Writing a Strong Female Protagonist
Fri 10:00 PM-11:00 PM Trinity

M. Bracken, R. Frater, K. Kimbriel, J. Moyer, C. Neill, P. Sarath*
The challenges of writing a tough-yet-relatable heroine.

Sa2000SM Reading
Sat 8:00 PM-8:30 PM San Marcos
Katharine Eliska Kimbriel

I probably have an autographing, too, but I don't know if I'll be bringing books or not. I'm out of town, and I will be doing a seminar in Austin this weekend. So I will be at the convention Friday, and Saturday night. I will come back Sunday night if people want to get together, but I don't plan to do the BBQ slug-fest.

Hope you can join us!
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Sorry, folks. I've tried, but I've been ill for over a week. This means packing has been sporadic, and that there's no guarantee I can get safely to the convention and then home.

I'm just going to have to hope for strength and time to attend next year! It's a great convention -- I recommend it.

As of right now, I do intend to be at ArmadilloCon. Everything else, we'll just see.
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Well, I have made all my panels (but by the skin of my teeth -- there's always too much to do at conventions.) I think I kept order at my steampunk panel and let everyone talk without trampling on anyone. They were all very interesting writers, and the audience enjoyed it. Thank you to those who came to my reading -- all seemed to like where Allie was going and what she was up to.

Today I have to decide on what to wear (I know, you'd think I already knew that. I picked out two days' clothing. The third day? Not so much.) Then get over there for my autographing. Will probably take a few books with me. I have permission to socialize, since there's a charge for the wireless. But will take one Alfreda reference book in case I have a moment!

I have held expenses to one paperback, a Peri pie pan for a steal price, and two tee shirts that will actually fit me, as opposed to the sacks I am currently wearing. They are to be chosen today, and Scott will make them before the Dead Dog, ideally.

Very excited to find out that Ilona and Andrew Gordon have moved to Texas! Can't wait to share the names of some good restaurants with them.

See you there!

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