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Are you dealing with an auto-immune disorder, or know someone who is?  I stumbled into these while looking for a local vendor for a specific form of make-up (the jungle trails of the Internet are always a surprise.)  I know a couple of them work--might be worth trying the rest!

Tips from Mickey at autoimmune-paleo DOT com via Sarah Wilson.
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Actually, this is a lot like the eye tests my vision specialist is giving me, trying to get all my sight back.
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Does anyone happen to know the procedure for disposing of medical waste? The needles are in a red bio box, but the syringes are all in jars. They contained antibiotic, but don't know if they also need a bio box.

The sections of the web site I can find with Google are not helpful, except to tell me that Hazardous Waste doesn't take household bio waste.

This suggests that households toss it in the regular trash. I'm sure the guys running the trucks are thrilled.

I am so glad I don't need this info anymore after disposing of this stuff.
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So, I have done multiple docs in the past two days. Turns out that I may not be slipping back into the Void, exactly. I may be slipping back into one area of the Void, and that area (the eyes) really affects perception, balance, memory, etc.

So I am back on eye exercises six days a week. Go back in two months. If this is all it takes to get me back in the recovery column, I'm on board for life!

And I really recommend Dr. Charlene Werner here in greater Austin. The color therapy is one of the pillars of my recovery -- and I know of other people with chronic illness who have done this therapy, and it made a WORLD of difference to them. So -- running out of options? Have her evaluate your eyes. If she finds anything in the CODE book, your insurance company quite likely will pay or credit your deductible. She doesn't file insurance, but gives you the info if you need it.

Interesting thing -- my cones (color) have regressed back into the center of the pattern. My rods (black & white) have blown past the edges of the eval page. So I have been using the rods to get by. Fine for daytime. Not so good at night, apparently.

And...there is an evaluation she makes with concave/convex glasses, to see if your brain can be tricked by your eyes? I could be tricked one way -- but not the other. I'm not sure if writing SF & fantasy gave me the flexibility to fight the suggestion -- or if it was the months of seeing wrong when I was ill. I learned not to trust what I saw. So I felt what I saw as it was, and not as my eyes tried to tell me it was.

Wonderfully weird. For the next book....
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Macrobiotic = Long Life.

From the Greek “macro” (large, long) and “bios” (life)

“Doing something over and over the same way and expecting a different result is considered a sign of insanity.”

I’ve never had what you might call the average American diet. Junk food has been minimal in my life. My father was a dentist. I never tasted candy until I was 5 years old. We were part of a breakfast study. I remember the white boxes, and thought it was weird, because shouldn’t singing raisins be on this box? I had a brief affair with Twinkies, back in the day, and I love baking unusual cookies. Chocolate, good chocolate was my friend.

But I wasn’t more than 10 when my mother started cooking Weight Watchers’ style. Back then there were no points, just sound principles of eating. The family lost some weight, and did not gain more. I decided I hated diet drinks and switched to water. But as I grew to adulthood, food and I had an uneasy existence -- something was not quite right.
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Does your food leave you with more energy than it took to break down the food? What do you take away from the transaction? Is it time for you to nourish body and soul?

Do you have comfort foods that you are convinced help your energy, your digestion, your spirit? What are they? (Yes, chocolate counts, but that is also another post!)
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An opinion column --
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"The preacher came to call the other day. He said at my age I should be thinking about the hereafter. I told him, oh, I do all the time. No matter where I am - in the parlor, upstairs, in the kitchen or down in the basement, I ask myself, "NOW, WHAT AM I HERE AFTER?"
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Just in the last few days, we've added almost 5,000 more votes for the Lyme Disease Awareness Race Car. Many people are getting excited (some mid-winter fun) watching the totals grow and we are now over 7,000 votes!

To cast your vote for the Lyme Disease Awareness Race Car you do not need to enter any personal information, just click on where it says to vote. We only have today left to get as many votes as possible to try to make the Top 10 List.

Here is the link:

Thanks to those who are voting and sharing this with others! ENJOY!
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Lyme doctors have known this for decades. Other doctors have hysterically denied it.

People, dress to protect yourself from ticks! I DON'T CARE if DEET smells bad! USE IT!
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Here is a disease most doctors know nothing about. If you don't get treated within 30 days, you could be in for free fall in the American health system.

This documentary is running at the Arbor Cinema at Great Hills, Austin, TX October 2nd - 8th.

You can see the movie this weekend, but you apparently cannot get on-line tickets until Monday. You'll find info at the bottom of this page:

Take friends! I promise you will not be bored by this documentary. You may end up on the edge of your seat, waiting for the "other shoe to drop". It's opening for limited runs in many places -- see if it's available in your area.

Those of you who have asked if there was anything you could do for me? This is it. Grab a few friends and go see this movie. Because of the politics surrounding this disease, it may be many years before every doctor recognizes a Lyme patient. Make sure you know the signs of this condition. I would not wish Lyme upon even my worst enemy.
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Client either forgot, is tied up at work or got hit with a sinus migraine, so I am here doing things that can be dropped quickly, like stuffing another wardrobe box in the car trunk. Time for one more....but there's a tiny problem.

I walk past the door stop -- one of those Costco-sized triple brownie kits -- down and up. I've eaten a nice macro meal, but only had one veggie dish to go with rice blend and beans, so I ate some of the macro apple crisp. That means in an hour or so, I will need something.

Either I grab the brownie box on the way back up, or make a macro pancake. The second is obviously better...we'll see.

Maybe one more wardrobe.....
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Have saved a few things:

* Who would have thought it? Roasted barley tea is extremely nutritious. Georgette Heyer and Alton Brown speaketh the truth! And the tea tastes very much like coffee. I think I read once that it was a coffee substitute during WW2?

* Local folk -- I have my DVD of the Lyme documentary UNDER OUR SKIN back in hand, and it may be borrowed by folk of careful habits. It's "A dramatic tale of microbes, medicine and money" and worth seeing...if only to make tick checks mandatory on kids, dogs, cats and adults (don't forget in the hair!)

* HAD TO LOL DEPT. -- Saw a post on a political blog where someone commented that they'd been insomniac for eight years, ever since the birth of the first child. He's been sleeping like a log for a week, ever since the election. I think it's been part of my sleeping problem, too -- why we all thought we needed to be alert for the administration pulling a fast one, maybe that's hubris -- or maybe our ancestors would say: "Well, you've got a rattlesnake den somewhere on the property. If you can't find them and evict them, you gotta keep an eye peeled and a gun or hoe at your side..." ;^)

* OH DEAR UNIVERSE the January, 2009 Fine Cooking magazine has a flourless chocolate pomegranate cake on the cover! I sense buckling during the coming holidays.... And then there's the famous Pumpkin Cheesecake that [ profile] sparkylibrarian introduced me to, and I tweaked to perfection (pecan crust adds a lot!)

* Third cat check -- even Maisie won't eat any of these cat treats I'd tried to interest Max in...she went so far as to return to food from this am that she'd ignored and eat it!
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This Saturday, July 26th, the Alamo Drafthouse downtown will have a screening of Under Our Skin: The Untold Story of Lyme Disease. Mari Alvarez and her camera crew from KVUE are expected, as well as members of the health profession and elected officials. We are charging admission to cover the cost of renting the theatre. If you have not purchased tickets, please do so online at:

No credit cards will be accepted Saturday -- cash or check only. The Alamo Draft House will accept credit cards up to the day of the event. The events start at 12:00 noon.

This is a private venue rental not sponsored by the Alamo Draft house, but tickets are available to the general public.

I plan to attend this movie. If you thought SICKO and FAST FOOD NATION were scary movies, have I got a film for you. This film mostly addresses stories of people whose lives have been upended forever by Lyme disease, as opposed to the politics of Lyme. I have to see it soon, because no matter how much I hope they won't find out about it, my parents will eventually see this film. And I have to know how to calm their hysteria once they see some of the cases shown in the film. (I've seen a ten minute clip used during the fundraising for the editing.)

The documentary is drawing national attention, and was a finalist at the Tribeca Film Festival.

Let me know if you want to go -- I'll be there.

Spread the word!
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The regulars dropping by all know I’m a fiend for using “cuts” to hide bulky posts. Today I ask for your indulgence – look behind the cut. This matters desperately to me – that more people are diagnosed with Lyme than with West Nile Virus EVERY YEAR – and Lyme is underreported – the CDC thinks 90% underreported.

If you have free long distance dialing on your phone, I ask you take a look at this – there’s a link for the bill, if you’d like. There’s a link for the PR sent out when the IDSA began to crush any support for this bill. Look TODAY.

(Why all this battling? If you go back through the tags for LBb, Lyme, Borrelia burgdorferi, etc. you will find all kinds of interesting links explaining what has been happening and why. One of my favorite links does a very nice job of explaining the Politics of Lyme: “Attack of the chronic Lyme denialists”)

The contact info and then the Press Release follow. Thanks for taking a look.

UPDATE I have called the Energy & Commerce Committee (Phone 202-225-2927). I was actually transferred there by Congressman Dingell's aide ((P) 202-225-4071). The nice man answering the line is getting frantic because there is no actual agenda for the Committee. He says the bill will not vanish if it doesn't leave committee today.

May I suggest that people calling this line politely say something like: "Hi, I'd like to leave a comment about House Resolution 741/the Lyme bill. Could you please pass me on to the comment line?" It will make our calls more useful, and save the sanity of a person who has friends with Lyme and knows a lot about it, but is getting frustrated with "whichever Lyme group posted this..." I did not enlighten him, I just said I could contact two lists with the altered instructions.

Note that you cannot edit the Comment Line -- no editing features. What you say is what they will hear.

Here lies madness )
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Well, that blasted lab test I have now taken TWICE, once in SF and once in Austin, was screwed up AGAIN by the lab, and I'll need to do it AGAIN -- once the paperwork arrives. And it will take three weeks from when I take it to get the results.

Can you say "not until after Thanksgiving?"


Blind Tiger ReDux:

Meter guy courtesy of Writertopia.
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Adult tick testing 12/2006-05/2007 indicated that a third of them carry the spirochete for Lyme disease (Borrelia burgdorferi) in Cook and Lake counties.

Know how to protect yourself when working or playing outside, and find out what your doctor knows about Lyme -- he or she will be your first line of defense.
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-- so if you are someone whose handle I haven't recognized, speak up. Also, if you want to be on the medical list, give me a good reason. I occasionally post on this weirdness to give my peers more fodder for their SF/Fantasy novels. (As I keep telling my family, I wanted to write SF -- not live it...)

However, it's been eight months since a LBb post.

Yes, I haven't wanted to talk about it. Ok?

On the other hand, I'm about 20% through my next book.

(This can also be an Open Thread, until I forget it's here.)
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Here's a trailer for UNDER OUR SKIN: The Untold Story of Lyme Disease. It's cost $500,000 to film so far, and start the editing and adding music, etc. They need $100,000 more to finish the movie. This is a 501(c)3 organization, making educational films in this arm of their business. They already have interest from major cable groups, so showing it won't be a problem -- it's just that it's not the type of thing TV pays for up front. Amazingly, it is not trying to examine the firestorm of politics for Lyme -- it is just trying to tell about the difficulties of getting treatment -- or what to do if the disease is missed in the first 2-6 weeks.

Keep them on your charity list!
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I'll be there -- join us if you can! If you can't be there, consider a $10 donation to help this film be ready for SXSW next year!

(Details below)

UNDER OUR SKIN: The Untold Story of Lyme Disease


Help Open Eye Pictures finish their future award-winning documentary about Lyme disease!

Lyme specialist Ginger Savely, FNP-C will be the featured guest speaker, along with the showing of the 35 minute trailer for the movie. Net proceeds will go directly to Open Eye to finish production.

At least one, and possibly two, of the movie's producers will be in attendance to speak about the making of the film!

Support this ground-breaking film by bringing your family and friends:

WHEN: May 12, 2007 3:00pm
WHERE: Alamo Drafthouse (Downtown Location), 409 Colorado Street, Austin, TX
PURCHASE TICKETS ON-LINE: To purchase your ticket, scroll down to "Screenings" and click on "3:00p"

The organizers of this event want to fill the seats, so if you will not be able to attend but want to contribute to the making of the movie, please do not buy a ticket, but, rather, go to their web site to make a tax-deductible donation:

Be sure to enter "Austin Fundraiser" in the comments section.

For more information about the movie:

For more information about this event, please contact Alexia Haywood at
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So --

I'm going to SF to see the specialist again. I'm thinking this time that we will get the fare discount by arriving over a Saturday night, stay out in South San Francisco the first two nights, and then move to the downtown West Union Hilton Sunday night. This is easy walking distance to the specialist, and guarantees I will not get caught in traffic, etc. and screw up the entire reason I came to SF.

This time I think we will see a few museums and maybe take W to see Muir Woods -- he's never been. Then we'll get rid of the car (45.00/nite parking at the downtown Hilton -- no thanks) and maybe go down to the wharf for lunch after the doc, before we go to the airport and home.

Anyone who has done this bit a lot see any problems with this? speak now -- I'm getting the plane tickets Monday AM --

Need a decent Steak place, too. Sullivan's disappointed. Good steak, lousy everything else.

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