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Why is there a CieAura link over there to the left? From someone who has trouble shilling her own books, much less anything else?

CieAura Transparent Holographic Chips have changed my life for the better. So, if you have ever thought about trying a holographic patch for energy, sleep assistance, pain relief, sinus, peak performance? This might be something you want to try, and I’d appreciate it if you’d try them through my link. Because of the chips, despite fighting severe insomnia, ADD and fatigue, I now can actually follow a list of instructions to the end, and have a chance of getting something done. I have writing ideas, and they are getting written down.

For the interested, here’s the story --

Read on --  )
I must mention the standard medical disclaimer – These CieAura Holographic Transparent Chips do not diagnose, prevent, heal, treat or cure any disease or injury.

But they have been a godsend for me. I am so glad I spent time with first the PureEnergy chip and then another week with the RestQuiet chip to find out how it would work for me. You can’t keep quiet when something works this well for you, so there you have it. I probably won’t mention them again.

Except maybe when I forget to take off the sinus chip before washing my hair in the shower, and two hours later I discover it stuck to my boob. Really annoying....
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An opinion column --
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Lyme doctors have known this for decades. Other doctors have hysterically denied it.

People, dress to protect yourself from ticks! I DON'T CARE if DEET smells bad! USE IT!
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Not only HUGE for Lyme disease study, but also for diseases near and dear to some of you --

Bacterial antibiotic resistance genes discovered

From the Johns-Hopkins Newsletter -- By Aleena Lakhanpal
Issue date: 11/5/09

A snip:

These L-forms of various bacteria may be the underlying reason for chronic resistant and recurring diseases, such as sarcoidosis, various forms of inflammatory bowel diseases and rheumatoid arthritis.
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Here is a disease most doctors know nothing about. If you don't get treated within 30 days, you could be in for free fall in the American health system.

This documentary is running at the Arbor Cinema at Great Hills, Austin, TX October 2nd - 8th.

You can see the movie this weekend, but you apparently cannot get on-line tickets until Monday. You'll find info at the bottom of this page:

Take friends! I promise you will not be bored by this documentary. You may end up on the edge of your seat, waiting for the "other shoe to drop". It's opening for limited runs in many places -- see if it's available in your area.

Those of you who have asked if there was anything you could do for me? This is it. Grab a few friends and go see this movie. Because of the politics surrounding this disease, it may be many years before every doctor recognizes a Lyme patient. Make sure you know the signs of this condition. I would not wish Lyme upon even my worst enemy.
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A California Lyme Disease Association (CALDA) sponsored Survey will send message from patients to IDSA* Lyme panel --

Have you taken CALDA's new Lyme survey? If not, click here to participate. CALDA CEO Lorraine Johnson will present the results at the IDSA's Lyme guidelines hearing in Washington DC on July 30. (The hearing will be streamed live over the internet. Stay tuned to the CALDA web site for details.)

Feel free to pass this on to anyone you know who is dealing or has dealt with Lyme disease.
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Bacteria, Viruses And Parasites May Cause Mental Illnesses Like Depression And Perhaps Even Autism And Anorexia

By Janet Ginsburg | NEWSWEEK
From the magazine issue dated Dec 1, 2003

Note article date!
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The regulars dropping by all know I’m a fiend for using “cuts” to hide bulky posts. Today I ask for your indulgence – look behind the cut. This matters desperately to me – that more people are diagnosed with Lyme than with West Nile Virus EVERY YEAR – and Lyme is underreported – the CDC thinks 90% underreported.

If you have free long distance dialing on your phone, I ask you take a look at this – there’s a link for the bill, if you’d like. There’s a link for the PR sent out when the IDSA began to crush any support for this bill. Look TODAY.

(Why all this battling? If you go back through the tags for LBb, Lyme, Borrelia burgdorferi, etc. you will find all kinds of interesting links explaining what has been happening and why. One of my favorite links does a very nice job of explaining the Politics of Lyme: “Attack of the chronic Lyme denialists”)

The contact info and then the Press Release follow. Thanks for taking a look.

UPDATE I have called the Energy & Commerce Committee (Phone 202-225-2927). I was actually transferred there by Congressman Dingell's aide ((P) 202-225-4071). The nice man answering the line is getting frantic because there is no actual agenda for the Committee. He says the bill will not vanish if it doesn't leave committee today.

May I suggest that people calling this line politely say something like: "Hi, I'd like to leave a comment about House Resolution 741/the Lyme bill. Could you please pass me on to the comment line?" It will make our calls more useful, and save the sanity of a person who has friends with Lyme and knows a lot about it, but is getting frustrated with "whichever Lyme group posted this..." I did not enlighten him, I just said I could contact two lists with the altered instructions.

Note that you cannot edit the Comment Line -- no editing features. What you say is what they will hear.

Here lies madness )
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Small insect carries debilitating disease

"GLENCOE - When Dr. Raphael Stricker, a San Francisco physician known for treating patients with Lyme disease, received a call from a Washington, D.C., doctor last summer, he became nervous.

Stricker said the caller, whom he did not know personally and whom Stricker did not identify, asked him lots of questions about treating Lyme disease, a potentially debilitating bacterial infection transmitted by tick bites.

"It was such an odd phone call," Stricker said. "I was actually a little paranoid."

Stricker is president of the International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society, which believes Lyme patients sometimes need longer, more expensive treatments with antibiotics than are called for by the guidelines that most U.S. medical organizations follow. Some doctors have been disciplined by state medical boards for giving the longer treatments.

Stricker said the call made sense a year later, when news broke that President Bush in summer 2006 had been treated for Lyme disease and that his physicians deemed him cured when Bush got his annual physical last month.

Stricker said he finds it suspicious that the president's physicians released fairly detailed accounts of the growths in the president's colon but did not say exactly how he was treated for Lyme disease, sidestepping what has become a medical battlefield."
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Bush and Lyme disease: what's the secret?

by Dean Baker and Helene Jorgensen

The White House won't reveal the length of the president's antibiotics course. Are they protecting the insurance industry?

Here's a snip:

"The White House reported last week that President Bush was treated for Lyme disease last summer after he discovered the bull's eye rash associated with the disease on his leg. According to the spokesperson, Bush's doctors determined that he had fully recovered from the disease in his annual physical earlier this summer. However, the spokesperson refused to disclose the treatment that Bush had received, citing doctor-patient privilege.

"While Bush has the right to keep details of his medical treatments private, this is certainly a sharp contrast with how the White House dealt with Bush's recent surgery. The public got the play-by-play on the operation in which several polyps were removed from the presidential colon."

Re-assemble the three parts of the link to visit the Guardian -- no, there's no "www".

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Action Needed -- ask your US representative to sign on to HR 741.

At the end of 2006, the 109th Congress ended. All bills not acted upon died including the Lyme bill (HR 3427). The 110th Congress convened and on January 31, 2007, an identical* Lyme bill, HR 741, was introduced by US Representative Christopher Smith of New Jersey (for himself, Mr. Stupak, Mr. Holden, Mr. Gilchrest, Mr. Shays, Mrs. Lowey, Ms. Delauro, Ms. Bean, Mr. Langevin, Mr. Baird, Mr. Kirk, Mr. Ackerman, Mr. Grijalva, and Mr. McHugh). Mr. Cummings, Mr. M. Thompson, Mr. Wynn, Mr. McNulty, Mr. Ruppersberger, and Mr. Ferguson have since signed on to the bill.

Use link and put in HR 741 for the full text of the bill.


HR 741 will provide $100 million over 5 years for Lyme disease research, prevention, physician education and formation of a federal task force.

The other reason to ask this of your Rep? Lyme disease is building rapidly, 90% under-reported, damaging people who are going on SSDI because they have no other way to cope with what's left after Lyme damages them. I'm reaching the point where I cannot type two days in a row -- my hands lock up -- and helping a friend pack for several hours on Saturday (standing or sitting in a chair doing detail wrapping of china) caused me to go home and sleep three hours before I could get up for dinner. If we don't nip this in the bud, previous damaging illnesses may seem easy in comparison.

I have written my US Rep, and if you have a moment, write or call yours. (You can call the local office in your community.) If the sample talking points on the Lyme site are too technical for you, I will be happy to send you what I mailed McCaul.

This disease is fairly simple to nail in the first 30 days -- but most people aren't caught in 30 days. Many carry the spirochete, like they carry TB, lying in wait in their system until stress weakens the immune system and triggers the disease.

We need to get this now! Thanks for reading.

*identical except for dates which have been updated.
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New Tick Killers Avoid Widespread Spraying

"After her husband got Lyme disease, her young son kept getting tick bites in their yard and a close friend nearly died of the tick-borne infection, Laurie Gaulke felt she had to do something. With heavy brush and a forest with deer behind her home in Gillette, Gaulke tried a new strategy three years ago: installing a tick-killing system in the brush fringing her yard."
I'm gonna do nematodes )
You don't want this disease. Trust me--you DON'T want this disease. You REALLY don't want this disease to be go on months or years before a doctor gets suspicious. And most doctors have no idea how to treat it properly.

If you live in a heavy deer area, start thinking about this now.

A list...

Jul. 13th, 2005 12:57 am
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I should mention that there is a sublist for people who have expressed interest in my continuing battle/search for answers with the weird medical stuff. At this point, it's defined as Lyme, but we're not 100% sure (as in, you may test positive for Lyme but be asymptomatic. The symptoms could be something else...)

If you want off the list, just let me know. If you'd be interested in this, let me know, and we can talk about adding you.

I plan to Heal Completely this year, and the list will be transformed to something else...heaven knows what....

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