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I hate weeks so busy you scarcely remember what happened.

High points include:

Finished moving out of second storage unit. I am once again living in box city. This time, I have the energy to unpack! Go, me! Anyone need moving boxes? I have a couple dozen ready for adoption!

Have segregated six boxes of books for my traveling bookstore sale on Friday. Once this event is past (it may be more boxes by then, and possibly free book bags with purchase!) I get to return, with thanks, the borrowed box movers with thank-you gifts to the appropriate wonderful people who loaned them to me. Both carts were critical to my success!

Continued job search. I have barely begun in some senses, because putting up a resume of a person who has done many varied things is a challenge. You can check me out at LinkedIn!

Went to a rocking formal tea with longtime friends and had a great visit with them.

Attended an organizational meeting for the NLP Practitioners class starting up at the end of March. This is an Austin class, and I cannot recommend it highly enough. I have done my share of self-improvement in my life -- I have learned a myriad number of ways to organize information, learn new things, work well with others, etc. -- and NLP, taught by the right people? It trumps all other systems to date.

Keith and Katie, the instructors and organizers, are outstanding at what they do. They will help you master this material and grow in the process. I should stress that this material all builds, almost effortlessly, upon each module. Don't let the huge amount of info on that page overwhelm you. Why? Because your subconscious is a sponge, and it swiftly grabs any new system that improves on what it's been previously using. Plus, bonus -- you forget nothing that you have used previously as a life skill. You can always return to a prior system you like. Think of NLP as adding to your toolbox of life in a BIG way. You'll have Keith as well as two wonderful guest instructors presenting this material, and a host of us helping you practice it real time!

They have payment plans. (In fact, there is an advance purchase price available before March first!) There are systems in place if you have to miss a weekend. I hope to assist with the class, although at this point I will be building your packets and missing the first weekend. I'm taking the Master NLP class in San Antonio, and there's overlap, so we shall see.

But, seriously? Life changing. Stupendous instruction. Worth examining. (Not a cult -- I promise!)

And -- how I got involved in NLP? A friend told me that I used NLP in my Alfreda novels.

In closing, for your edification *and* amusement: How to Become Pope. It's not too late to start!
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Hiding with the top of the paper shredder and the electric Teflon skillet set aside for batiking/trash and accidentally packed.

Happy dance!

Damn, tried to go ADD during exercises, and awfully tired to do sub-q for cat. Must remember to do early, since wanted to demonstrate for Belleps Tues or Weds nite --
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Well, I finally found the spice boxes (YES!) in a box in the bottom of the office papers box stack. The only missing major cooking piece I could use is my electric kettle. Still no sign. I refuse to spend $80 for another one. It's just not that far anymore from the kitchen to the office.

Now dumping empty boxes on the balcony, and seeing more light between box piles.

Good news -- have major spices out now in pull-down rack a friend installed for me.

Bad news -- with jars in the top shelf, it won't fold back into the cabinet.

Good news -- these shelves can be adjusted!

Bad news -- my hands just can't mess with things like that anymore.

Good news -- he's coming back to install a wineglass rack, so we can probably drop it down a notch.

Decadence awaits. I have decided -- it's a night for a macro pancake. I have fresh Ezekiel tortillas, and I'm not afraid to slice and dice them!
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Although I admire the idea behind Ecobox -- sell your good used boxes back to someone, who then sells them cheaper than new ones to people who need them -- I am disillusioned. I had six wardrobe boxes, which run ~$15 each for the five footers. I stuffed four of them into the Toyota (fold down seats are very useful, never buy a sedan without that feature unless your other car is a truck or SUV) and took them to Ecobox before the weather could finally blow in enough water to nail them.

Guess what they pay? .80 for the box, .20 for the metal bar.

With other boxes, it came to five dollars and change, which I donated to the Dell Children's Center (they match the money.)

I return to the world of free-range boxes. All the rest will be offered here, on HerDomain and/or Craig's List Free, as they are emptied. Be free, little boxes! The more you give away, the more come back to you eventually. I'm poor, so I thought they might be worth as much as $5.00 each -- and I could use the $30.00 right now, I was giving the others away. Now, the last two wardrobes will join the dish and linens and box packs in the wild.
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...but don't let Ardath hear you. Ardath is my much-neglected Celtic Harp. She's very excited about the move and money-tightening, because she's bound to get more attention this year. Why laugh?

The harp is at the bottom of the stairs.

No, really.

I simply ran out of strength at that point. If a thief tries the place tonight, he'll get one hell of a surprise when my attack Celtic harp nails him to the floor. Same with the car -- the railroad spike dragon will jump out of the trunk at the worst possible moment during the 'jack. I just need to get the Xmas cactuses, peace lily, Norfolk Island pine and spider plant. Then the only stuff left is flower pots outside, and garage/shed stuff. Which will sit there for a while.

I just realized that Highway 290/Pink Buttons and Lindee White are antique roses that only get to 1-2 feet. They might work in my big glazed terra pots.

I know, it's rose lust. It will pass...maybe.... They're pink and white, and I really want a red, but the smallest red I know of is Martha Gonzales, and that's 2-3 feet high and wide. It would only work for a season -- then I'd need to give it to someone with a house. Lindee Highway 290 pink buttons

I already weakened and bought a tiny hibiscus plant. It's the red I've sought for for years. It jumped into the grocery basket and refused to get out.


It will live inside until I'm positive the weather has stopped its bouncing ball behavior.
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Anyone remember packing the cluster of vitamin bottles?

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In less than 24 hours I have managed to, at the least, jam one little toe and quite possibly break the other one. Why do I watch friends going barefoot in their homes and think I can do this?
Unpacking commences. )
Also, today I have worked around the massage table I prepared for the client who didn't show.
Never look a gift horse in the mouth. )
Why yes, it is nearly 5:00 am in my time zone. This is called "what life was like before 5htp" -- the bottle is in a box around here somewhere. Haven't found the rest of the vitamins -- may need to buy another bottle from the nutritionist. At least I've confirmed I did have real benefit from taking the stuff.

So far, chocolate has been my coping mechanism. I suspect the stairs will keep me from gaining any weight.

Iced a lot when first hurt self. Second pain pill is kicking in. Will try sleep.
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Did you know that, if you go an entire day without petting your cat, when you next see him he'll have a crop circle or two in his fur?

Did you know that parsnips, the perhaps the most rejected vegetable in Western civilization, with the possible exception of turnips, are delicious steamed/sauted with red onion?

Did you know that Whole Foods Market, the huge, wholesome, fresh organic store, is selling a raspberry crisp bar that looks very much like the oat and fruit crisps I make for myself to keep me from eating bad things? Could you imagine that it had enough sugar in it to trigger a diabetic incident in a water buffalo, if water buffaloes liked sugar?

(I mean, I cannot believe I ate that thing. I hope I don't get ill. Like two slabs of sugar with raspberry jam between. And not a lot of raspberry jam. I was on automatic, and now I am wired. I won't be fooled again!)

On the other hand, Whole Foods' marzipan almond horns no longer have a thin veil of chocolate on the tips, and are once again horns, so all my wiccan friends can use them in ceremony.

Finally -- my cat chewed me out tonight. I get home staggering under a good-sized box, and Max, all 17 years young, came swiftly down the staircase to yell at me for working too hard in the heat. Makes it hard for him to channel my energy or something.

So -- tomorrow, not so much hard work as accomplished work -- I hope.

Reporting in from Box City, I remain, your correspondent,

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I am not moving and unpacking as fast as I'd like, but fast enough. Something happened today that brings immense relief. I got a check from the insurance company. I thought I'd have to dig out more paperwork for my yearly "No, I don't take Celebrex for arthritis, haven't we had this discussion?" Well, they found letters from previous years, apparently. The Celebrex was paid at the usual 80% of retail after deductible paid.

They paid their portion of the antibiotics.

I am almost weak-kneed at the reality of this. I still need to send in December meds, too. This means I can afford this year's meds! Only question now is, do I put in the checking account, or even the Credit union's savings (less than 1%) or should it go into my money market at my investment house?

UBS is apparently in trouble with the Fed over Americans who don't pay taxes on their money.

I understand the desire to cash it and dig a hole somewhere.

My life is weird, but still satisfying....
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More boxes coming out. I am going to try and get everything out of even the garage and shed, before the end of the month. Anyone need an extension ladder? Metal.

Tomorrow, another round of moving boxes along with a date with my LMT. Boy, do I need circulation massage....

I will post before and after photos, eventually -- now mailing any book tidbits to myself, after forgetting something important for several days.
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...and I am a tea addict.

No, really.

Two packing boxes full of tea and tea paraphernalia....I lost track of teapots after six -- and they weren't in the dedicated tea boxes!

Once again, packing, tossing and moving on, leaving destruction like a swarm of locusts.

I am not being overly messy, but I am not sweeping up spilled spice, either. Must keep moving....

Now, I think I will put a jar of miso in the car, along with the last of the pumpkin bread, and head to Kerbey Lane. I need something to stick to the ribs.

Will also get the boom box before leaving, so music is possible. I unpack pantry boxes while waiting for meals to settle.

And yes, I am sleeping...quite well, actually. The cats are calm, I am calm, slept six straight hours with no wake-ups...and half the support meds as usual.

I may be living proof that stress amongst animals can destroy the health of their people.

Now, if I can only snag better parking spaces....
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I sit amongst the detritus of my former office, and yes, it really looks like the place was tossed. However, the crew was honest and did not pocket my cash stash. Clearly credit union time. I only had two hours sleep before the movers arrived (30 minutes early) so I keep trying to fall asleep over meals, books, whatever. I have a bed, but no idea if I can find the sack with the clean sheets in it. And must pack cat bed, litter box, food and stuff from the fridge before leaving. Will return tomorrow after a doctor's appt. to continue packing, sorting and labeling new spice jars.

In other words, my "divorce" is civil enough that when I said I needed to go make up my bed, W asked if I wanted the bed or the couch. Nope -- heading for box central.

(You think I'm kidding, don't you? You've never seen my library. The office is FULL of boxes.) Which will be culled. On the other hand, I moved for around $400 including the packing materials I bought. So I don't have as much as I think.

Still gonna cull.

If I can be in bed by two, I can make my 11 am doc visit in the morning. Reminder to self -- take clock radio....

Later, chicks --

PS -- Bev caught strep, I fear, babysitting for my new neighbor, an ex-pro football player with a pretty wife and two kids. The little boy, KJ, bushwacked Bev, but she was in her element with little ones. She is now home and nursing herself through a fever with fruit juices and TV, while M approaches carefully to replenish her fluids. The football player's name is Kwame (pronounced Qwah-mee) -- he did two years NFL and six in Canada, and is now finishing his bachelor's degree back at UT. I can see him running a community center with a train of worshiping kids in tow. Have not met wife Shara or their little girl, who was at school.

I may have to swap proofreading papers for hauling stuff around. He saved our groats, coming home from class when he did. Bev and I had hit the wall -- my left leg still hurts, and Bev wasn't at her best, either. So the four of us hauled stuff, watched KJ and were pleased with our hour together.
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and AT&T, too. I have been to web sites (plural) to try and figure out the best plan for HS Internet and phone, but every time I talk to someone, the price goes up. I already have 88 stations cable included in my rent. T-W is supposed to count it as one pillar of a package before adding other things in. But DVR is 4x what I thought it is, and that brings it up to $124.99 with only Internet and wireless added. So...was going to do T-W for convenience of everything at one place, but AT&T's package of DSL, land line and cell for $99 plus tax looks better and better. Or -- I could get Internet, and just get a phone from my sister's circle and pay her $20 a month for phone and unlimited LD. And save for a Tivo.

Is there a definitive T-W site for Austin?

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