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I've been quiet for both good and bad reasons. First I was quiet because I started a new book, something fun and different my subconscious insisted on, and I'm 80,000 words into it. Then I was quiet because the heat of an Arizona summer hammered me flat, and I was trying not to lose the ground I'd gained earlier in the year.

Then my mother's health plummeted. She rallied under the comfort of hospice, and we had two good weeks with her. One night there was a sea change, and in scant days she "went ahead."

My mother loved Allie, and for twenty-five years she used a tattered Hidden Fires bookmark when she read. Otherwise, you'll have to read the obit. Because she was old school. A lady appears in the papers only three times. She lived her life quietly and with grace, despite health challenges. I have loved her through many lifetimes, and know I will see her again.
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Sorry to be so silent -- my father's computer has so many security features, Live Journal would not let me in. Depending on your point of view, it did or did not end well. Dad passed the evening of Thanksgiving, having waited until Mom was asleep and we were out of the room. Once hospice took over and he refused his meds, he lived six days, most of it in a coma. It was a blessing in that he was finally out of pain -- my mother commented that he looked so young, with the pain lifted from his face.

I'm afraid the past two months has messed with my own recovery, and nothing has gotten done on the manuscript. So don't know how often I'll be posting. But I will continue "Let the Gluten Go," since avoiding gluten on my trip was one of the things that kept me able to function.

There are war stories about starting to clean out the condo, but they are for later. I was stunned at what papers want for obits now -- quite a money maker for them, I imagine.
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I'm shocked to pass along that David Thompson, Publicity Manager at Murder By the Book of Houston, Texas, died suddenly Monday night. It was unexpected, and as of now the cause is unknown. David was just shy of 39. He leaves behind his beloved wife McKenna Jordan, as well as extended family, friends, and the many people he has served and worked with in the book business over the past 21 years.

David started out stocking shelves while in his late teens, and worked his way up to the managerial level. He was also the founder and publisher of Busted Flush Press. David got me hooked on David Handler, for which I will be forever grateful -- thanks to Busted Flush Press, I have copies of Handler's earlier books for myself! I don't think I've ever met another book seller with the boundless enthusiasm of David Thompson -- he would hand sell the entire store to you, even while helping you find those niche stories you had to have about one-eyed detectives who used canes.

Quite simply, he adored his job, and was stupendous at it. David had sold Busted Flush to Tyrus Books just a few weeks ago, and was moving into the next stage of his life and career, even as he continued to be involved over at Murder By the Book, his various publicity outlets (including Facebook) and the forthcoming BoucherCon in St. Louis in September, 2011.

Sarah Weinman has written about this loss, as well as providing a list of memoirs about David already posted on-line. A particularly nice one is from -- you guessed it -- David Handler.

Another good one lost much too soon. Please send good thoughts toward his loved ones, who will have some hard days ahead. I'm sending strength and grace, and hope that everyone knows how much David loved them, and that he'll be closer than you think.
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I got a call or two that indicated there was concern that 1MinnesotaGirl and I had vanished off the face of the earth. Not to worry -- we have made it back, part of our list accomplished, and now are frantically dealing with the fallout of 10 days gone without web access (basically, when we reached a hotel with wireless, we were too whipped to post. And the computers were kept in the bedroom of our hosts, which made a quick email check awkward -- at least for us!)

Yes, I wrote. More today, I hope.

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Mar. 28th, 2006 10:30 am
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The world has lost David Stemple, and is poorer for his passing. He is known to me as the husband of writer Jane Yolen, and the father of musician and writer Adam Stemple. I never had the privilege of meeting him, but a woman like Jane Yolen doesn't spend 46 years with a man who is not worth meeting. I'm sorry I will never get the chance to talk with him. Here's a brief tribute by Patrick Nielsen Hayden that is lovely, and both Adam and Jane's tributes will show just how much this man will be missed.

It's been a month of losses to the SF/Fantasy community. We've also lost Octavia Butler, a brilliant, shy and very tall lady, whom I enjoyed breakfast with once, and was too over-awed to seek her out farther. Stanislaw Lem has also died, but at least he was 85 and I hope had a good run. Octavia and David simply went much too soon.

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