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For a fun change of pace, I am so happy to announce that the Storybundle Women in Fantasy is now live! This is a fast Storybundle, only 22 days, so you want to have this on your radar, and be sure to look it over and share with friends. We're talking ten wonderful authors, and if you have not met them all, you can look forward to hours and hours of fantastic reading!

Writer and editor Kristine Kathryn Rusch curated the collection, and she says:

"There are dozens of subgenres of fantasy, not just that British Boarding School subgenre, but made-up world fantasy, and high fantasy, and urban fantasy, and epic fantasy, and contemporary fantasy, and dark fantasy, and funny fantasy. Some fantasy features ghosts; some features elves. Some has more magic than we can keep track of and some has hardly any magic at all.

"Women write all of it. Why do I harp on women? Because of something that happened last year. I discovered that much of the history of women in the science fiction and fantasy field has been forgotten."

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