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(I've been helping to close out and sell my parents' home, which as anyone who has done it can tell you takes a huge amount of time and effort. To let you know I'm alive, some writing neep. I've talked about this topic other places, but I don't think I've ever done it on my own blog. So...)

Writers think a lot about characters.

We think about them in the abstract, and we think about those individuals who rent an apartment in our subconscious and start rummaging around, looking for utility hookups and how to arrange forwarding on their mail. Sometimes they are just visiting for a few months or years.

Other times they move in and don’t check out until we do.
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Examine your favorite books. Who wants what from whom? What happens if s/he doesn’t get it? Why now?
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This article is incredibly exciting in so many ways. I will not begin to attempt to deconstruct and explain all the ramifications of retroviruses, diseases like MS, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, a virus that may have been attached to our DNA for sixty million years, and something like influenza triggering a cascade in an infant body, manifesting in a ghastly disease decades later.

I leave those aspects to you, reading the article. I want to address this:

Even more puzzling is the so-called birth-month effect: People born in winter or early spring are more likely than others to become schizophrenic later in life. It is a small increase, just 5 to 8 percent, but it is remarkably consistent, showing up in 250 studies. That same pattern is seen in people with bipolar disorder or multiple sclerosis.

“The birth-month effect is one of the most clearly established facts about schizophrenia,” says Fuller Torrey, director of the Stanley Medical Research Institute in Chevy Chase, Maryland.

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And this is why, despite my fascination with science of all kinds, I am a storyteller.
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to anime opening and closing credit pictures and music.

You might figure out your favorite character in that series is gonna bite it somewhere down the line.


This is why **I** like to do the storytelling. I can pick my own time and place to cry over characters, as opposed to having it sprung on me. I still haven't forgiven J. Michael Straczynski for killing off my favorite character, even if s/he does get resurrected in the next few hundred years.

(This post has attempted to be Spoiler-Free.)

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