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I think this was my favorite eclipse picture. Simple and special.

You're not in Kansas anymore.
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How lovely! Someone uploaded this over at Weather Underground.

Here's a definition.

It's snowing in various parts of the Hill Country today.
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I sympathize with Snooch -- I'm listening to instrumental winter music. My tape of DECEMBER is probably wearing out. Good thing I have the CD.


Jun. 28th, 2010 08:15 pm
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Whoa -- Radar says it will be heavier in a few moments. Maybe I'm not taking a shower tonight....
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And in honor of it, [ profile] wishkey has sent me a virtual snowflake! Thank you! Since none of our snow actually stayed around, that was very nice of you. It looks like we'll bounce around in the 50s and 60s this week, with 40s at night. Last night was strange -- driving home from Taiji, the clouds had settled in on the ground for the night. Wipers were required -- not rain, heavier than any dew or mist I've seen in a long time. It was cloudy and dryer this AM, and now the clouds seem to be settling back in.

I need to go run an errand or two -- there's a carry-on suitcase on sale at Costco that I have decided is worth the spring. We'll see if the woman who carries every current project with her can finally get squeezed into one bag for a week.
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Horizontally, no less. It's sixteen degrees below normal right now. I took a photo out the French door, showing the oak in all its changing glory and the playground across the way. In a bit I will check to see if it came out.

Got to learn how to turn off the flash (a non sequitur, but an important one...).

Very ADD day. Sigh.

And as I flash through -- happy anniversary, El and Steve!
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After one of those afternoons (got lost in west Austin. Decided to just enjoy myself until something looked familiar. Fortunately didn't have to be anywhere until 7 pm. Made all but the last stop.) I returned home by 8 pm and noticed it was much windier than I expected. I'd thought my feet were cold (sandals -- standard here until end of November) because the A/C at the new Wheatsville was cranked.

Uh-uh. Got out to pick up mail and it was COLD.

So -- home for dinner, watch the Netflix so I could walk it back up afterward (a 20 minute mile, just right.) Just checked the weather. 51 degrees out there.

The good thing is, the four Xmas cactus will start setting buds! The bad thing is -- I don't think I'm ready for that yet. Instead of the sweatshirt, it would be gloves and heavy jacket. So...maybe I just keep working and walk it up early tomorrow?

I've been looking forward to walking weather. I sure hope we don't just jump from deep summer to winter. Both parts of the country I might live in are bizarre this year. Just need to decide whether I want to be inside for three months of heat, or inside for 4-5 months of cold.

And -- an aside -- I find it interesting that sometimes the fields below suggest things to me, and other times it's as if I've wiped every form field.
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It's so common, old cartoons cover it:
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It's almost noon and it's ONLY 83 degrees F!


May. 24th, 2009 01:20 am
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My joints were screaming -- and I was supposed to catch the last matinee of X-Men: Wolverine with a friend. We both had buckets of rain falling on us as we left different parts of town -- heavy enough that he said he was glad they hadn't started working on his house roof -- might be more hail damage!

If there had been any counter-clockwise clouds, I would have canceled. Instead, we hit Kobe first for dinner, the X-Men and then Star Trek (I really wasn't that interested in Angels & demons or Terminator.) X-Men, as I suspected, was fun in its own way, and Star Trek was a good repeat and ticked two movies off his list for the weekend. I'll either see Adventureland before the end of the holiday, or put it on the Netflix list. Hope people had fun even in the rain!

The X-Men origins was the best choice because it needed the big screen for full appreciation. I'd also recommend big screen for Star Trek 2009 -- even once.
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I ordered from a new site today, that seemed established and had some nicely-done items I thought my sister would enjoy. So what happens? They prepare a receipt in a text format for me, and Hello! the shipping address directly to her has become my address!

I am massively irritated.

Plus -- WHAT is coming in from the weather? My left thumb is KILLING ME -- two pain pills haven't touched it!

I will watch a video until it calms down. With a cat attached to me, of course.
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I used to leave NOAA weather radio on during storm season. W hated this, even muted. So, several tornado warnings went out and I did not know about them, so I was not in the closet where I should have been. I'm not back in the habit of leaving the station on. And I was not daydreaming out the window today, so I did not see the black strip across the northwest horizon until I went out on the balcony to shake out rugs.

Amazing how fast you can find two cats, a jug of water and the boom box, even after a move. I had not opened the D batteries and put them in yet. The bathroom seemed the best choice, so we stayed there while the hail rattled the roof.

The battery installation has been rectified. The car windows did not break, but the hail was nickel-to-quarter-sized, and did cause tiny dimples. It's a thirteen year old car, what can I say?

W had softball sized hail. By the time it was safe to go out and get one, they had melted to golf ball size. He lost the skylights. And of course sent me email to ask who fixes the roof.

A mutual friend had his front car window smashed on the way home, giving him a lap of glass and some cuts. But not really serious (like needing stitches) since his wife is patching him up.

EM is not coming tonight, since the warning extends until 9:00 pm and there is no covered parking. I will probably also look for the medical kit I used to keep in the kitchen.

Just in case. Time for a storm kit.

I grew up in tornado alley. Wish I had the full basement we had.
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It's a gloomy, cold day here in the Texas hill country. If you have the fidgets and need some Class A distraction, drop over to Book View Cafe. If you missed them yesterday, you'll find Episode Three of Sue Lange's TEXTILE PLANET, and Chapter 4 of Vonda N. McIntyre's THE MOON AND THE SUN. Today, Monday the 15th, you'll find Chapter 5 of Brenda Clough's REVISE THE WORLD. Brenda has also done a mini-review of "Superman/Batman #54" over on BVC's Blog.

And now, it's either web work or some fast errands. In Texas you do NOT want to be on the roads when there's a winter storm warning -- especially when it was in the 60s F. the day before. Native Texans do not see a lot of winter hazard driving, so many of them need a day or so to adjust to earlier braking and controlling fishtailing.
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It's 1:30 am. I understand why the tropics and Latin countries take their siesta and then return to work or dinner later in the evening. Right now, the days are nothing but a blast furnace. I've been at the open mouths of furnaces, casting gold or observing glass blowing. The wind is not even neutral -- it's hot. It drains the energy from your veins. I can barely think, much less write or even remember what I was doing. Since I think I know where the next 75 pages of SPIRIT TRACKS is going, this heat fog is unfortunate at the least.

As an acquaintance said at the end of May: "Did anyone else notice we had August in May?" We also had it in in July. I'm already plotting an escape in August.

August is often like this, but mid-July? We often have late afternoon thunderstorms kick up. Not this time. A few places north and south of Austin had brief downpours from the remnants of Dolly. The rest of us pray for a tropic storm strong enough to get to central Texas, but not landing as a hurricane.

I'm watering the trees now. When a 30-40 foot tree has wilted leaves throughout the day, and they don't perk up at night? That's a problem. That's a deeply stressed -- even dying -- tree. I couldn't stand watching some neighbors letting their trees die by inches -- I wrote a "care for your tree" epistle for the local neighborhood Yahoo Group -- in hopes that the people who own that dying Montezuma cypress start watering the tree before it's not half brown but all brown.

I figure I'll be up another 45 minutes -- brain coming back online. I'll be a night stalker yet. So, gonna go put out a hose. Technically, it's now my day to water. So might as well make the most of it. And there's CL to add to the pool -- night is best, otherwise it would burn off in about 5 minutes. Must do Tai Chi -- been too tired for it two days running.

Other people get up very early to do things. I used to get up at 7 am and garden until 9 am -- it was then too hot for me to work outside until almost sundown. Now, with my cycle reversed, I get half the days' chores done before 2:30 am.

It's unseasonably cool up where my family has a cottage -- cannot wait to get to Michigan. Hope you have some coolness where you are.

I miss San Francisco, and I haven't even written the report yet.
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"Mammatus are pouch-like cloud structures and a rare example of clouds in sinking air."

Back in my teens, I saw this formation over Lake Michigan. There was lightning, and the sky reminded me of the cheaper foil-like old fireplaces with pretend fire -- the kind fireplace stores had as demos? The second picture down is close to what we saw.

I thought it was northern lights until I saw a photo of northern lights. Now...I wanna see northern lights!

"A roll cloud is a low, horizontal tube-shaped arcus cloud associated with a thunderstorm gust front, or sometimes a cold front. Roll clouds can also be a sign of possible microburst activity."

I have seen this more than once driving north on US 35 toward Dallas/Ft. Worth. In Texas, so far they have all been dark beneath but with a clear area between them and the thunderstorm clouds coming up behind them.

"A shelf cloud is a low, horizontal wedge-shaped arcus cloud, associated with a thunderstorm gust front (or occasionally with a cold front, even in the absence of thunderstorms).

"Unlike a roll cloud, a shelf cloud is attached to the base of the parent cloud above it (usually a thunderstorm)."

Blue Northers look like that. It used to be late November we'd see it, but we saw at least one early in November last year. It was dark like the first picture, but not black like the one further down the screen.

So -- I've seen three rare cloud types so far in my life! If these are rare -- is that a good score or a bad score?
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Talk about weather -- this monster cell opened up just north of us and kept growing, dumping TONS of water on us. W and I were IMing through Gmail -- I was pointing out that it was nasty and looking nastier -- and then there was a big lightning strike close enough to see the flash out of the corner of my eye. And I thought a friend had trouble with lightning in **his** neighborhood!

I encouraged him to a) hold off coming home and b) check radar himself. This was followed from him by, Oh, crap, it's getting worse...

Careening around the corner, I had time to see on the TV a magenta cell opening up. I passed this along, and said I was shutting down (already lost power once -- the backup power/surge protector did its job) with visions of another wall of water heading our way.

Silly me, it's been so long since I've worried about tornadoes that didn't occur to me.

It touched down in Georgetown -- no word on damage or injuries -- but I must say that I'm glad I haven't moved farther north -- a few years back there was a Cedar Park tornado that took the roof off an HEB -- about 45 minutes after I'd driven by the thing. Clearly, there is a line somewhere north of us that calls the weather. There's a tiny town near Elizabeth Moon's town that was wiped off the map by a suspected F5 tornado....

At any rate, the magenta dot shrank and vanished, the rain died down, W got home safely and went to class -- we went out later for dinner.

I shocked the pool big time -- more "tropical weather" heading our way.

EDIT: Tally lost in lightning strike -- garage door opener, hot tub control panel, and half a wall socket. (Go figure...) The garage door opener cannot be fixed until we move some stuff under it. The hot tub people are looking for an archaic board for us. And the plug? Well, I will get something to use to get the cd player hooked up from another source. And mention the socket when we finally move the A/C controls.
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Any explanation as to why we have blank white screens with type scattered across it? And were is the #$%^#@@#$$$% spellchecker? Can't blame the storm, although I'd like to. We floated with friends in the pool until 5-ish, then had our dinner canceled -- feel better soon, [ profile] tia_tarina!

Rain started a bit after 6:00 pm, and we were hammered for hours. Don't know the exact inch count, but the main excitement was a lightning bolt flash that POPPED as it hit -- very close, maybe the side yard. The new doorbell rang! I hope the Shumard oak is all right -- it's been hit before.

The computer was off by then, and seems fine. The stereo, however, appears to be toast. Bah, humbug. I need that for my few remaining LMT clients, so the boom box comes out Monday.

Writing notes up a storm. At this point, I think writing is the main thing. What I'm writing I can worry about later. This is an odd old book I wasn't quite ready to write, ten-fifteen years ago. Maybe now is the time -- and in snips and pieces I may need to piece together like a quilt.

A friend wrote three books that way,'s possible.

Must supershock pool and try to get some sleep!

And Zzzz to you all.

NOTE: Shumard and doorbell still with us. However -- the garage door opener and the hot tub heater seem to be fried. We'll need a totally new door opener -- not sure about the hot tub yet.
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It is currently 42 degrees F. outside, and will not be any higher before, say, Monday. People have covered tender young plants or dragged the $%&^%! pots back inside. I just bought some herbs to plant in the new front planters, by the way. Fortunately I hadn't planted them yet. Those planters will be heavy when full.

Annoyed? Me? Surely not. I have my hand warmers [ profile] sparkylibrarian made for me, and they help a lot. A few more on-line checks, mostly of various email accounts, and then I must get serious about shoveling the office. Web stuff later today.

If just wish [ profile] bevhale was here, so if we go through to China, I'd have someone there who knows some pidgin Mandarin...

Not Yet!

Mar. 8th, 2007 10:34 pm
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I went outside into a delicately warm night to dump some dried up blackberries into the compost box, and as I turned to go back into the office, I lone cricket slowly testing his legs.

I am not ready for summer, thank you very much.

But it was a glorious day, and tonight is almost perfect. I see a walk on the horizon.
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It is 30 degrees F outside -- the wind chill is 22. There's a quarter inch of solid ice on everything, and the icicles are a foot long already. Small potatoes from my Midwest days -- in fact, 22 and sunny was walking around in an open coat courting pneumonia weather.
Of weather, sloth, reading and research )
Gotta heat the rice bricks for bed tonight. Both atmosphere for the Allie books, and a comfort for me! Sometimes the Burmese join me, sometimes they curl up in my Laz-E-Boy in the living-room. Tonight I will probably wake at 4 am with Burmese burrowed down to about my knees. If they'd only sit on me without the bricks, it would be perfect. But cats are not trainable. Open to suggestions in their best interest, yes. But not trainable.

Update: W opened the front door for a quick peek. Says the icicles are at least 18" English, and tree branches are now coated with a thin layer of ice. Tomorrow will be lovely -- dangerous, but lovely. Too bad we're entering the dark of the moon, Wednesday night would be spectacular.

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