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Come for the mentoring. Come for the Lipizzans. Come for the Sonoran Desert. You won't regret it! Judith Tarr delivers. As for me, I am still working my way through a new fantasy novel--around 190 pages in, and our heroine has figured out that her life is...oops....

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Something strange has happened these past few days. First I realized that the past two years have basically blurred and mostly vanished in my mind, so that when my truck battery died, I was positive it was three years old. It was five, which is reallydamngood for a battery in Arizona. And I'd been sick for a month, so those days mostly blurred out as well, but I was able after the first week to work, which is good. And now I'm better, and that's a really good thing.

And this week my fiction brain has gone off the charts on generating new words. It hasn't done this in years and years. It's spinning out stories and space opera--shaped novel like one of those crazy Hubble galaxies with all the pieces flying off in streams that run clear off the human-perceptible spectrum.

And that is fabulous. But I must eat, and even more important the horses must eat, and writing income is s l o w. A good part of the fiction-genesis is probably fiscal panic, throwing back to when writingrealfast under contract meant payment, sometimes, a fraction faster. But there are no book contracts any more.

So! To pay the hay bill, and keep the horses in grain while the words continue to spin out of my brain, I believe it's time for various shapes and sizes of SALE. (I take personal checks within the US, and Paypal worldwide at capriole at that gmail thing.) Option 1 below is ongoing with no expiration. I'll run options 2 and 3 for a week to start, and maybe another week, we'll see.

1. I have a Patreon page. This is where the new fiction first appears, and if you've seen it before, I've revamped it and changed the rewards and perks to emphasize the fiction. Patreon is a great platform for writers and artists--we support each other, too, tossing a dollar or two or three in the pot and spreading the wealth around as much as we can.

2. I have openings for Mentoring and Editing Clients. Wide range of services from conventional editing to one-on-one classes to advice and input on the horse details in your ms. I'm offering a sale this week: 5 hours at $250, which is a $50 discount. Current mentees may participate, as always.

3. Camp Lipizzan is back! The house has been renovated since the last Camp, and all the old comforts are still here, most notably the hot and cold running Lipizzans. Summer is challenging but we're up for it if you are, and October through March are beautiful. Just for this sale, if you book at regular price, bring a friend and I'll give you $50 off the second Camp.

Questions? Leave a comment here or email me at capriole at that gmail thing. I'll be over here, writing writing writing. And oh, it's a wonderful thing.
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Writer Brenda Clough went to the World Science Fiction Convention in London (LonCon) this year.  She went early, and is staying late, because she is writing a time travel steampunk adventure, and wants lots of "color" as it's often called.

Her latest report is about Chedworth Roman villa.  I highly recommend her series of mini-posts via iPhone.  We even get pictures.  And where else can you see a holy spring dedicated to the Nymphs that never freezes and never fails, possibly because frogs still worship there?

Complete with a frog ramp!

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Have you read any of the works of Vonda N. McIntyre?  Dreamsnake? The Exile, Waiting?  Superluminal?  The Moon and the Sun?

You should.  You can.  Over at SF Gateway, Kevin McVeigh explains why you should know and love the works of Vonda N. McIntyre.

The Moon and the Sun is being filmed right now.  Be in the know!

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From her work:

I tell my daughter, "Isn't it great we decided to come here together?" Meaning the move from spirit to flesh.

-- Ann-erika White Bird
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Writer Steven Utley, a smart, funny, talented man I wish I could have known better, died Saturday night. He was too young, and we have been deprived of his insight.

No one ever said life was fair.


I hope the next step is interesting, Steve. Get some rest, and have fun.
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For writers, for readers, for family and friends of writers, this list will have you smiling, laughing, and thinking up the best gifts for the writers whose works you love. (And for those writers whom you adore but you aren't their book audience.)

Lydia Netzer IS a tad obsessed with tigers, but go with it
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So if you know her, she would enjoy hearing from friends, even a text to her phone. She's not reading emails now, so will see email when she gets home.

Wish Tea could cure her. But Orange Beef from Hao-Q Asian Kitchen definitely improved her mood! They forgot to include my brown rice, but split up Carrie's meal so I can fresze half, and the gluten free orange beef was outstanding. (So was the regular orange beef -- Carrie says it's the best in town.) A sizable GF menu, too!
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Thought you'd want to know. If you've never read the Starbridge novels, they were a lot of fun, and good YA as well. Get well, Ann -- we need your crazed energy in the world!

Originally posted by [ profile] jimhines at Ann Crispin

The first time I read one of Ann (A. C.) Crispin’s books was during my Star Trek phase, back when I was about 11 years old. Back then, it was actually possible to collect and keep up with all of the Trek books. I had almost all of them, and I remember Yesterday’s Son standing out as one of my favorites. I snatched up the sequel, Time for Yesterday, a few years later.

The premise was that, during the Star Trek episode All Our Yesterdays, when Spock and McCoy are trapped in Sarpeidon’s ice age, Spock gets his pon farr on with Zarabeth, who becomes pregnant. When Spock discovers he had a son, he uses the Guardian of Forever to go back in time… I loved them.

I discovered Crispin’s Starbridge series next. Starbridge was a story of first contact, one which captured the wonder and danger and excitement of discovering alien life. (I still remember loving “Doctor Blanket.”) The books were YA-friendly, and while there was plenty of conflict, the overall feeling was one of hope and optimism.

Crispin is also part of Writer Beware, an invaluable source of information on writing scams. Along with Victoria Strauss and Richard White, Crispin has devoted herself to helping new writers avoid various pitfalls, and to exposing the scammers. There’s no payment for any of this. Writer Beware is an all-volunteer effort.

Last week, Crispin shared that she’s fighting a nasty and aggressive cancer.

Her post hit me hard. I’ve not met Ann Crispin in person, but she and I have corresponded a bit online, and her books have been a part of my life since I was a child. When I set out to be a writer, her work with Writer Beware was one of the most important resources I found.

Cancer and treatment have taken up a great deal of her time and energy. She notes that her only source of income this year will be from the Starbridge novels.

I loved these books as a teenager, and can happily recommend them. You can find out more on Crispin’s website or go directly to Amazon, B&N, or Ridan Publishing.

There’s a quick shoutout to Ann in Libriomancer, because she and her work have been important to me, both as a reader and an author. I’d like to publicly thank her for everything she does, and I encourage you to check out her stuff.

Get well soon, Ann.

Mirrored from Jim C. Hines.

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Several interesting posts over on the Book View Cafe Blog. Ursula K. LeGuin asks about the frenzy to continue our "Growth of the economy" -- Why? She points out that like our climate, and our population growth, our economy may be broken, and we need to think outside the box to fix it.

Madeleine Robins continues her fun series "I was raised in a barn" talking about
"Chimbleys" (the most impressive house chimney ever!)

And at BVC there's a new short story for sale by Vonda N. McIntyre told in the best SF tradition of "If this goes on...." It's about the SCotUS!

The new Book View Cafe e-Store is coming this fall. More soon.
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Another great one has gone ahead to make the next camp....
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Today is [ profile] juliabk's birthday. I have not seen you in forever, but I hope that the coming year is an excellent one for you! (You see this reoccurring theme -- no more bad years, we've had enough of them. Make them good ones.)

If anyone knows how she's doing, let me know, eh? When I'm not in an illness fog, I do wonder how people go on, and wish them the best....
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If you missed writer Margaret H. Bonham's essays on book promotion, take a look, you'll learn something:

Book Signings -- Separating Fact from Fiction --

Book Promotion 101 -- Part 1 -- Are You Wasting Your Time and Money with Useless Promotions --

Book Promotion 101 -- Part 2 -- 5 Useful and Inexpensive Things You Can Do to Promote Your Books --

Get Those Running Shoes on -- Why New Authors Need to Do Their Own Book Promotions

Maggie is known as [ profile] shadowhelm in these parts!
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On Thursday, February 4, CJ Cherryh is blogging at Book View Cafe on the subject of how much the publishing industry has changed since she started back in the 70s. For a nice wrap up of the where the industry is at, visit the blog:
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Patrick McGoohan dies at 80
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Terence David John PRATCHETT,
OBE, of Salisbury, Wiltshire, Author, has been knighted for "services to Literature".
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J.K.Rowling proves it was not just timing and luck -- the woman can write. I wish I had said it, because I've finally admitted that I have been living it.
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Amy Sterling Casil, an interesting person and excellent writer, has come up (we think) with the word that can eliminate ever again naming a troll: intershunning. Use it well!

A snip:

"I select carefully who and what I cover -- and now I'm formalizing my policy. If I don't like what you do, how you do it -- and above all, feel that you are abusive of others, either by taking economic advantage of them, or you're just a bottom-feeding piece of stinking biofilm, I'll be intershunning you."
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I apologize for being a bad poster -- but I did come up with some important stuff for the current two books, so that's good.

I got a lovely e-mail from writer Ru Emerson a day or two ago. It's Sadie Hawkins Day at the end of this month, this being leap year. Ru finally decided to get past her fear of documents, and proposed to her sweetie Doug. He said yes -- and he even went out to buy simple white gold rings! Her sister and BIL will be attendants, and her niece and niece's boyfriend will cheer from somewhere -- behind the JP, probably. She's buying a dress for the occasion, feeling vaguely that getting married in faded jeans isn't quite right. It's set for the 12th.

Ru likes to say she was a cradle robber, since Doug is younger. She's counted them as a team since the first New Year's Eve after they met. They celebrated their 35th anniversary at the end of 2007.

There is grim amusement here, too, since one of Doug's brothers' wives has never, in all that time, included Ru's name on the holiday card mail-out. Because they weren't married, and it wasn't proper. I take pleasure in wondering what excuse she will come up with this year, or will the woman swallow her vinegar and play by her own rules?

Tickets this late start at $527, and with the shots also tiring me, I didn't feel well enough to try Priceline and fake it. The condition is a bit of a problem. But I will call that day, and try to think of something special to send, in honor of the occasion!

I miss her -- we haven't done the same convention in a couple of years. I hope she can come down for an ArmadilloCon sometime. We have this big fantasy thing we've talked about doing. But only if my writing self speeds up a bit!

Writing --

Jan. 19th, 2008 04:55 pm
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I was sorry not to go to the salt tasting last night, but I wrote 9 pages. (It was after the worst ADD day in a long time.)

I hope this means I'm forgiven.
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Where do we learn vocabulary, after they stop giving us spelling tests in third grade? I know now that many people cram for the language portion of the SAT -- I would have scored higher if I'd thought of that. I am especially interested in where we pick up the subtlety of English, which often has dozens of words in various categories. It's why a real thesaurus is so useful -- it's like a sliding scale of notes.

I have had a lot of odd language changes in my brain, with the problems my condition has caused. I don't always trust my own choice of vocabulary. So when a sentence like this comes out in the novel:

She decided his comment wasn’t a question so much as a supposition. Therefore, she didn’t have to answer it.

I suddenly stop and think: "Can I use ‘supposition’ like this?"

Can I? )

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