Apr. 9th, 2012

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[livejournal.com profile] yuki_onna asks about this possibility in "Gonna Go Back in Time: Wisconsin's Legalized Sexism" and, as is pointed out in the comments, this "Equal Pay law that's been repealed also covered inequality on grounds of race, dis/ability, sexual orientation, age, religion and other factors?"

Yup. And the Governor of Wisconsin doesn't seem to be aware that he's done this to the majority of Americans.

One of the things that is so astonishing about this is, women are raising the next generation. Women are now the largest group enrolled in college. This is condemning the next generation of the middle and blue-collar classes to sub-standard money flow.

When my mother told me she'd never vote for a Republican again because of something in their platform, I wasn't quite ready to go that far, because in TX sometimes I have to vote in the Republican primary. That often allows me to vote for a stupid, racist white male to keep the absolutely imbecile white males out of office.

No more. As long as the Republicans represent this lunacy, I can't vote for them. Even if this means I cannot vote to decide on judges anymore (the Repubs control the judicial branch in Texas, too.) And voting machines make write-in candidates very complicated!

I can refuse to vote Republican. I can sign petitions, I can send people links about things like the sneaky attack on equal pay. But protesting is useless (as our attempt to stop the Iraq War proved. Bush/Cheney wanted that war, and they got it.) So what can we do next?

How can we convince conservative women that taking away their daughters' right to birth control and equal pay is not going to land them a Donna Reed existence? This may be our only hope -- a landslide pushing the Republicans out of office. And we must do it against a monstrous tide of cash.

What I want to say to people is -- stop watching TV, where they bury you in campaign jargon. Stop buying at stores that pour money into elections. Don't give them any money, don't even let them think that you're paying attention. Just make sure you have all your paperwork in order, and are registered to vote. And then vote. Vote absentee if you have to, to have a paper trail. But this year, you must vote. While you still have the right to vote.

And pray they don't try to overturn the Women's Right to Vote.

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