Nov. 30th, 2012

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Think about having an MLD Facial Cupping Massage.

When I perform facial cupping massage on clients, I see years of stress melt off their faces. We're entering a season where we're especially stressed, and current economic conditions don't make that any easier.

If you're budgeting for self-care? Consider trying facial cupping massage. I will be offering sessions Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays during December. Weekday evenings are possible by special arrangement.

The new oils are here, and I'll be writing about them as I explore them further.

Dragonfly Wellness does offer package prices, and a package can be used for body massage, acupuncture, and facial cupping! Check it out!
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This is an AM appearance, and you can sign the resolution and then leave. Here's what Casa sent out:

Casa de Luz Needs You for the Culminating Solution

This Thursday December 6th, the Austin City council will vote on a resolution that will probably solve the regulatory problems for Casa de Luz. We need the biggest turn out of supporters ever.
Please come to City Hall,
Thursday December 6th before 9:30.

You Must Sign-In-Support by 9:45 a.m. and the vote will be held at 10:30 a.m. You can come early, sign-in-support and leave, or stay with your friends and watch the vote.

Very Important! Do Not Sign-up to Speak! This will delay the vote on this issue! (See explanation below)

The Resolution the councilman Chris Riley will propose:

… If the city has surplus parking, and there is a business that is within 1,000 feet of that surplus parking, and that business needs parking for its building code requirements. That business could apply to the city to have that parking cover it’s building code requirements…

The process:
Councilman Riley has spoken to the interested groups. This resolution should be in the ‘no-conflicts-bucket’ of city resolutions. The no conflict bucket gets voted on as a group at 10:30 am. If people sign-up to speak, then the resolution gets removed from the no-conflicts-bucket and discussion continues later in the day. Therefore, it is very important for people to sign-in-support, AND NOT sign-up to speak.

Casa de Luz Requests:

Please come to Austin City Hall, Thursday, December 6th before 9:30 am, 301 West 2nd Street, 78701, at the corners of Cesar Chavez & Guadalupe & Lavaca. There is underground parking or see below. You can sign the list supporting the resolution and leave, so these 15 minutes could be your morning break. This seems to be the culminating moment to bring Casa de Luz into compliance so that management can go back to work and provide more services to the community.

You can bring a sign, wear green, but do NOT sign-up to speak, as well as, please be polite and orderly. The show of support is important! It will be fun!

Ride a Bike & bring a Lock

Parking: 100 Congress Avenue; 111 Congress Avenue; 302 Congress Avenue; West 3rd Street; 504 Lavaca Street
Buses headed North on South 1st
Stop at Lavaca & 2nd - ID: 2603 – 110; 484

Buses headed South on Guadalupe
Stop at Guadalupe & 2nd ID - 5630 – 110, 486, 935, 985, 987

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