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There are things I can catch and change, like "monstrous" carpetbags, or corn "stooks" instead of stocks. But I just realized something that was lost from the original manuscript that will have to remain lost, unless there is ever a special edition of Night Calls and Kindred Rites. Marta is a language chameleon--she changes her voice patterns to help her connect with the people she's currently speaking with. Allie even notices this at the beginning of the third book.

But the copy editor, thinking this was an adult, smoothed out those times when she did it with someone who was less educated, or who needed the comfort of a dialect.

The original files exist, but I can't stop to look for that now--I am officially late for the first time in my career, but grateful to still be editing....

Still. It seemed small or inconsistent to the editor, so she didn't ask, she just changed it and turned it in.

I find that my subconscious usually has a reason for something it does.
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