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A fan asked a question over on Facebook about what were some of the things that inspired me before I wrote the first Allie story. Well, I thought about it a while, and decided that I'd bring it over here.

Place and tone were two things that concerned me with the Alfreda tales. I wanted the language to be clean and uncomplicated, but also wanted the books to have layers. Allie was starting from pioneer roots -- from people who lived very close to the land. Where she'll end up may be very different, but deep inside her always will be this smart, observant person with a big heart.

Here's my response to Heather:

It's hard to remember exactly what I was reading when I started the Alfreda stories, but I can tell you one thing I read -- the Manly Wade Wellman stories about John the Balladeer. I didn't like his women as well, but I felt drawn to the rugged simplicity of his world. I wanted some of that for Allie's childhood, because I wanted that honest base for her.

Also -- THE NINE BRIDES AND GRANNY HITE was a wonderful series of short stories -- the author's name escapes me right now. Any of Ardath Mayhar's books that include families would be good to read. Ardath likes to say that "Children are not fools," and are capable of being trusted with a lot. THE WORLD ENDS IN HICKORY HOLLOW was a good one.

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