Jan. 5th, 2012

alfreda89: 3 foot concrete Medieval style gargoyle with author's hand resting on its head. (Warning Sign on a CA entrance to a parki)
I have been tripping over it for weeks, I thought I put it in the tool chest, and is it in the tool chest?


*Sigh* So reduced to measuring with a measuring tape.

Good thing I sew.

Measuring with the arm, calculating first into cubits and then feet would NOT be amusing.

In other news, looks like I am inheriting a friend's 27" CRT TV, and checking to see if GoodWill wants one that needs the horizontal adjusted. Or if someone driving around on Bulk Cleanup will get lucky.

I hate TVs.
alfreda89: 3 foot concrete Medieval style gargoyle with author's hand resting on its head. (Boobies!)
My e-books feel unloved.

I may have to start a betting pool for when the first sale there will take place.

Closest to first sale gets mochi chocolate brownies!
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Must - have - pecans!

These things are addictive! I'm going to have to take the dark chocolate pecans to a party tomorrow because I cannot stop eating a couple, even though they are so rich my stomach says "Now, wait a minute" after the third pecan half. Because these are not a thin slip of chocolate, people. These are toothsome chocolate pecans.

And the apple pie pecans! Remember, these are all still RAW pecans. No heat is involved! Hill country apples, hill country wildflower honey and a hint of secret spice. OMG. This is the way snacking sweet nuts should taste. Just a hint of sweetness, a touch of sticky, and all goodness. All gluten free!

They are experimenting with semi-sweet chocolate clusters, and the SSCC are just fine. My heart has been given to the dark chocolate side, but the semi-sweet can definitely keep me warm on a cold night.

And the salty crunchy? We're talking just a "kiss" of salt. Secret, perhaps even eldritch doings involving brining, dehydrating, and a partridge in a pear tree produce the best salty yet raw nuts imaginable.

[I have not yet tried the BBQ pecans, but they are made with liquid smoke, and the smoke is created from an 18th century recipe. No joke.)

I know, the web site is all about cracking pecan beauties for you. You have to hit their email to ask about these awesome pecans. But if you live near Austin, visit the Lakeline Farmer's Market Saturday morning in Northwest Austin, and you will find pecan nirvana. You can get smaller bags, $5-$15, and try out several kinds.

Or you can order a pound in a tin, and horde the little suckers. And I will not blame you for doing so.

Trust me on this. I'm telling you now, because eventually I will succumb to their lure, and try to scare you off so there are more nuts for me! They're like rings of power! They call to me!


NOTE (12/23/2012) They are no longer at the mall, so you will have to check on line for these lovely nuts!

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