Jan. 24th, 2012

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So, I have done multiple docs in the past two days. Turns out that I may not be slipping back into the Void, exactly. I may be slipping back into one area of the Void, and that area (the eyes) really affects perception, balance, memory, etc.

So I am back on eye exercises six days a week. Go back in two months. If this is all it takes to get me back in the recovery column, I'm on board for life!

And I really recommend Dr. Charlene Werner here in greater Austin. The color therapy is one of the pillars of my recovery -- and I know of other people with chronic illness who have done this therapy, and it made a WORLD of difference to them. So -- running out of options? Have her evaluate your eyes. If she finds anything in the CODE book, your insurance company quite likely will pay or credit your deductible. She doesn't file insurance, but gives you the info if you need it.

Interesting thing -- my cones (color) have regressed back into the center of the pattern. My rods (black & white) have blown past the edges of the eval page. So I have been using the rods to get by. Fine for daytime. Not so good at night, apparently.

And...there is an evaluation she makes with concave/convex glasses, to see if your brain can be tricked by your eyes? I could be tricked one way -- but not the other. I'm not sure if writing SF & fantasy gave me the flexibility to fight the suggestion -- or if it was the months of seeing wrong when I was ill. I learned not to trust what I saw. So I felt what I saw as it was, and not as my eyes tried to tell me it was.

Wonderfully weird. For the next book....
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Did you miss Irene Radford's Merlin's Descendants Series? It's a topic that has always intrigued me (a friend of mine and I have noodled with our own interpretation of this Matter of Britain) but if you missed it the first time, now's your chance! Book View Cafe is re-releasing all the books, in proper order, beginning this month with GUARDIAN OF THE BALANCE.

And -- there's a map at this link. A DETAILED map. (I adore maps in books.) Plus, as I always demand, a sample. I'm currently proofing the third volume. Arthurian Romance folks, check it out! Fantasy and The Matter of Britain!

Special price: $3.99 (regularly $4.99)
Exclusive to the Book View Café, an introductory price reduction

Caught between her beloved father, the Merlin of Britain, and Arthur Pendragon, the old ways and the new, Wren must find a way to balance the forces of Chaos with peace. She nurtures the land and the people, creating a haven for anyone displaced by the turbulence. And for the safety of all she must guard her heart against the deep love she shares with Arthur, a married king who holds the future of all the Britains in his hands and his sword.
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So I went to look at Apple Computers today, just to see what I might be able to afford, for what I can spend. The place was very busy (the sales guy said that was slow) and a bottom of the line Mac does have a lot of features. A desktop would be more in my price range, but a laptop would be more versatile.

But I could not afford a larger monitor and keyboard to go with the smallest laptop.

I hate buying computers. It's like cars. I want them to work forever, so I can get on with important things in life....

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