Jun. 25th, 2012

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My computer has been running slowly, and I can never get CTRL-ALT-DEL to bring up the running stats page anymore. So I thought I'd run a few things to see what might be lurking on my machine.

Spybot finished overnight. It didn't find anything on Firefox, my major browser that I have been mumbling against lately (it seizes up and crashes.) To be fair, This problem may be because I've been using NoScript on Firefox.

But NoScript may be taking care of other problems. Over on Chrome I've started reading several big, popular blogs with a ton of scripts. Occasionally, I have to use MS IE because a couple of sites only work on IE. (Literally -- I called the American Red Cross to find out why I could not access their classes, having tried Mozilla/Firefox and Chrome. Turns out their site doesn't access classes with anything except IE.)

Spybot found 27 tracking problems. Four of them were on Microsoft Internet Explorer.

23 of them were on Chrome.

So. Tracking is not interfering with Firefox. But Chrome is keeping very close tabs on everything I do. This does not help trying to reduce what Google finds out about me.

Interesting point -- one of Chrome's cookie trackers was using the machine's admin name as the tracker marker.

Maybe Chrome is going to have to go....

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