Nov. 9th, 2012

alfreda89: (Tea -- the universal cure (ask the Docto)
And I don't mean NCIS. A hard drive has failed on my computer. This is a six year old Dell tower, so not sure it is worth repairing. Just getting a new power supply was surprising in price.

The new machine is charging. I wasn't intending to transport everything off this computer. Looks like I'll be moving stuff all this week before my trip. Worst of all, I may not be able to maintain an old web site anymore, because I maintain it with Dreamweaver 3.0.

Hey -- old tech loves old tech. This nonprofit has no money to buy the new program, and no money to pay me to upgrade the site. And I have no extra energy to do it gratis.

Sometimes life is like that. But I think my deadline for "Fifth Child" just got shoved back to January.

Must figure out if firewall is working.
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Folklore meets forensic archaeology. A tad icky but fascinating stuff!

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