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Yes, you can have a taste of SF and a taste of fantasy in this little chapbook from Yard Dog Press--now in .mobi format! One story is a reprint of the tale I did for the anthology Lord of the Fantastic: Tales in Honor of Roger Zelazny and the other is a unique Alfreda short story that has never appeared anywhere else.

And you want to read them. You know you do.

It is still available as a saddle-stitched chapbook, but if you prefer to buy an ebook version?

Here you go.
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I don't think I will sell anymore short works to anyone else--just bring them out through Book View Cafe, where I can control entry of metadata.

Another review for Wings of Morning, the collection of two short stories, one an Alfreda story. And the reviewer was clearly disappointed that it was not a novel.

It says on the blurb that it is a short story chapbook!

Boy, if you can't put (0.5) on the thing, so people get hit between the eyes, you can forget anyone doing something like checking the reviews?

Amazon has changed their layout! At any rate--good stories, short stories, two of them, only one Alfreda--only in paper.

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