Feb. 12th, 2012

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An article over in The Atlantic asks the question -- We all know there are deal breakers in our search for The Right One. Is Religion one of those deal-breakers? Should it be?

It was for me. I realized that I could marry someone of another faith, but only if he respected my right to believe what I believed. Yet kids I'd met who were raised between two very different faiths usually ended up believing in neither.

Hard choices. Hard decisions. I know someone who was a devout Calvinist who married a Catholic, and loved her so much he agreed to let their children be raised Catholic. His family is still appalled, I imagine, although she is the most wonderful person you could imagine.
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It hasn't changed much since the 1840s. It was designed to be acceptable -- just barely -- in hopes of discouraging promiscuity. We have spent millions, billions trying to find a cure for AIDs, much less any other sexually transmitted disease. Why no money for condom research?

The writer of this article asks Why??
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How lovely! Someone uploaded this over at Weather Underground.

Here's a definition.

It's snowing in various parts of the Hill Country today.
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Have some recent Norway auroras.

Does anyone know how fast the northern lights tend to move? I always thought it took hours for them to undulate across the sky, but watching this five minute shot, I got the feeling that even standing out there only 10-15 minutes, you might still see change.

Warning -- this has a loud, pulsing soundtrack.

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