Jul. 16th, 2012

alfreda89: 3 foot concrete Medieval style gargoyle with author's hand resting on its head. (USS Enterprise Lightning)
So, have you seen the new static web Sensa ad? The one of the woman in the bathing suit, front-angled, that looks like she's had several floating ribs removed? Or maybe the picture is the worst Photoshop job you've ever seen? We're talking alien anatomy. It showed up on my horoscope page.

How could anyone, female or male, find that attractive?

But then I had a shoe salesman tell me about waiting on a couple of women from the west coast who had their little toes removed to have a sleeker line in their shoes.

Sensa is a weight loss product, by the way.

I have no proper icons with #$%@@ in them, so the Mother Nature Annoyed and Demonstrating It With Lightning will have to serve.

Update: It was not my GMail page, it was Tarot.com, where I do my daily horoscope. And this has me rethinking their horoscopes, because frankly, seeing that every day is NOT good for a person.

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