Jun. 2nd, 2012

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As you know, Bob, to celebrate the launch of our new online bookstore, we’re giving away books, and offering a limited-time discount on BVC anthologies. You'll see other discounts and coupons popping up as time goes on. The Grand Opening Giveaway runs from June 1 to June 7; you can enter here and on other member sites for multiple chances to win.
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Not even bothering to look will probably make me so discouraged that one of these biscuits with teeth will eat someone, and Allie's teachers will NOT be amused. This could slow the end of the book. I have to go write myself out of the next scene, so have fun at the bookstore!

By the way -- Sherwood Smith drew that cute bookstore picture. After all, the best celebrations have balloons and fireworks! Now you get both in one post. Thanx --
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So we actually did a nationwide ad for tourism for the USA. The Family Research Council doesn't like it. There's two seconds in there that suggest we don't stone gay men for sitting next to each other on a trolley.

Considering some of our tourists come from places where they DO stone people they don't like, I would think this ad is a nice suggestion that overall the USA is a good place to visit.

Sadly, the countries where people are stoned for being different (like Tanzania, where they're lynching old women for "being witches") probably won't run this ad.

Hate knows no boundaries.

Fortunately, neither does love.

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